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DECEMBER 7, 2010
Earth from space In a first-of-its-kind study, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab scientists tracked the amount of lead transported across the Pacific over time. About a third of the airborne lead particles recently collected at two sites in the Bay Area came from Asia. The finding underscores the far-flung impacts of air pollution.

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Keramet Reiter Across the nation, 25,000 high-risk prisoners are confined to "supermaximum" units designed for extreme sensory and social deprivation. Berkeley grad student Keramet Reiter, researching the boom in this harsh form of imprisonment and its effects, concludes that it has been haphazard. Supermax units, she says, appear to be functioning very differently from intentions of their designers.

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Earl Cheit For decades of service to Cal Performances and the arts, Professor Emeritus Earl "Budd" Cheit took center stage at the end of Sunday's Takacs Quartet concert in Hertz Hall. The arts organization honored Cheit, the founding chair of its Board of Trustees, with an award of distinction - and a performance of a Mozart quartet.

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Scholarly-publishing veteran will take over in January.

National program would replace wages during leaves for health, caregiving.

Retiree health plans on Dec. 13 agenda, too.
Also: Commission on Future's final report.

Anthropology's Mahmood will look at impact of law and politics.

Paper on "Marriage as Punishment."

New political science class re-enacts high-profile, international cases.

Chancellor explores isssues of intercultural competency, geographic diversity in video.

It's on: RRR week
Berkeley's answer to "dead week."

Progress in campuswide initiative detailed.

Eight drop-off points open through Dec. 15.

Wellness program wins award
UHS honored for workplace-health efforts.

KPFA among first in U.S. to broadcast the hour-long weekday show, Berkeleyside says.
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