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NOVEMBER 2, 2010
Elizabeth Warren Consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren, delivering the Mario Savio Lecture at Berkeley, diverged from her standard speech on the worsening financial straits of the middle class to talk about the new consumer-protection agency she will lead. By devoting itself to "the economic strength of American families," she said, it can "plug a very big hole in the bottom of the economic boat."

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Professor Harvey Blanch and other researchers at the Joint BioEnergy Institute, in which Lawrence Berkeley Lab and Berkeley are partners, have created an online wiki that aims to allow experts to help biofuels fulfill their promise as cleaner alternatives to greenhouse-gas-producing gasoline.

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A survey of 166 nearby stars like our sun reveals increasing numbers of smaller planets down to the smallest detectable planets - about three times more massive than Earth. If this trend continues, Berkeley astronomers estimate, one of every four sun-like stars may have an Earth-like planet.

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Former A's chief Sandy Alderson.
Article on world's best CEOs wins recognition for Morten Hansen and co-authors.

CNR grad student wins a Huber Prize.

Multimedia project on farming in Africa.

School of Public Health details California's urgent shortage.

CSHE researcher calls for innovation and a major restructuring.

Lab team detects six new isotopes
Cyclotron study of superheavy elements.

Collaboration among program offices yields streamlined process.
Yudof's recommendations laid out in detail.

Tomorrow, Nov. 3, and Tuesday, Nov. 16.

See librarians' favorites, now available online for everyone.
Sproul Hours are back with a new name and open to staff, faculty and students.

Economic history lab launched
$1.25 million grant seeks to train economists to look back for lessons for the future.

Language Center blog post highlights effort to preserve words you may never have heard of  -- but might find useful one day.
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