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OCTOBER 19, 2010
Student photos On Nov. 2, state voters will decide on a controversial and quintessentially California ballot measure, Proposition 19, the "Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010." Where do students at Berkeley, with its reputation for liberalism (accurate or not) come down on the issue? Eleven of them think out loud about the pros and cons of Prop. 19.

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Airplane at gate Delays from domestic flights put a $32.9 billion dent into the U.S. economy, and half that cost is borne by airline passengers, according to a new report led by Berkeley researchers. The final report was delivered this week to the Federal Aviation Administration, which commissioned the study.

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Marlo Warburton Six outstanding math and science teachers from public schools in the Bay Area have just begun five-year fellowships on campus through the new Math for America Berkeley program. It's a new approach for Berkeley's mission to help fill a critical need for the nation: better math and science education.

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Event recognizes relationship- violence awareness week. Tang Center offers five clinics.

Chime in: "If you could change one thing about Cal, what would it be?"

'Empowerment' session for students, faculty and staff.

Photo exhibit opens at North Gate.

Opportunity to make benefit revisions begins Oct. 25.
Also: Important changes to health plans.

Oct. 27-28 sessions for faculty and staff to provide information and solicit feedback.

Ctr. for Internet Security orientation Oct. 21.

Wages, benefits balance out.

Report out of Haas shows what happens when customers decide how much to pay.

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