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OCTOBER 12, 2010
A year of painful belt-tightening -- and activism on campus and in Sacramento -- has ended with a new state budget that restores $199 million of the $637.1 million cut that UC endured last year. The Legislature approved the 2010-11 budget on Friday, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed it the same day. The package includes about $3 billion for University of California academic programs, student financial aid and health education and research.

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Data mugs Up until now, Berkeley has hosted and stored its data on applicants, students, faculty, staff, alumni and fundraising in a sprawling archipelago of more than 300 data "islands" across  campus. A new effort aims to house campus data sets in one central, accessible, secure repository.

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Berkeley's police department has revamped its lost-and-found website, making it easier for students, faculty, staff and visitors to reconnect with their lost stuff. A dedicated records supervisor leads the effort, and says Facebook is her best tool in tracking down the owners of everything from wallets and cellphones to cat-shaped rings and fur shawls. In 2009, more than 1,600 items landed in the lost and found at 1 Sproul Hall.

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Prestigious honor for Molecular and Cell Biology's Jennifer Doudna.

Health-plan rates for 2011 posted
Open enrollment starts Oct. 25.
Final report is due by year's end.

'With regards to global climate change, we are ... throwing nails on the road of life,' says one keynote speaker.

'Safety Counts' also offers advice about what to do in emergency situations.
IGS Library summarizes Nov. 2 propositions.
Campus celebrates new home for global-poverty center.

Tang Center posts schedule through fall.
Campus community invited to take part in annual breast-cancer awareness event.

Make your own earthquake, test solar power, hear the Banana Slug String Band and more on Saturday, Oct. 23.

Nanoworks spotlights three startups that build on LBNL-developed technology.
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