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OCTOBER 5, 2010
Historic base photoThe untold stories of World War II and the Vietnam War are woven through a new collection of oral histories of the Oakland Army Base by the Regional Oral History Project at the Bancroft Library. The base played a key role in U.S. military conflicts and the economy and culture of the Bay Area.

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Child with x-rayDiagnostic X-rays may increase the risk of developing childhood leukemia, according to a new study by Berkeley researchers. The team found that children with acute lymphoid leukemia had almost twice the chance of having been exposed to three or more X-rays compared with children who did not have leukemia.

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Berkeleys at Founders' RockAn Australian family of five, descendants of the Irish philosopher who gave Berkeley its name, spent a half-day touring campus, examining rare editions of Bishop Berkeley's books at the Bancroft and his portrait at the Berkeley Art Museum. The only family members known to have paid a visit, they stay true to the name's original pronunciation: "Bar-klee."

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Short documentaries by 2010 graduates picked for film festival, which starts on Thursday.

Three current and three former California Golden Bears earn berths.

Cal Dining serves up flavors like Saucy Red Velvet and Funky Monkey.

Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee deadline is Oct. 25.

Research among first to show possibility of inherited effects of bad air.
Infection spreading throughout East Bay.

New study adds to research linking oral and cardiovascular health.

Ben Bernanke presides as emerita professor at Haas is seated.

IEEE honor for James Demmel, professor of mathematics and computer sciences.

Grants go to innovators for "transformative research" in medical science.

David Gamage, tax-policy expert.

New federal consumer advocate to speak at Berkeley Oct. 28.

Social Welfare event is Saturday.

Both are at Doe on Saturday.

Former Secretary of State Shultz keynotes.
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