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SEPTEMBER 14, 2010
Frederick WisemanWith dozens of documentaries under his belt, the legendary Frederick Wiseman has found that "when you turn the camera off, the interesting thing will happen." That, in part, is why he is spending months on campus and shooting some 250 hours of film for his exploration of life at Berkeley.

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Sarah ShourdSarah Shourd, one of three Berkeley graduates arrested in Iran more than a year ago as they hiked along its border, was reunited with her mother in Oman on Tuesday after she was freed from a Tehran prison, CNN reports. President Obama and Shourd's family continue to press for her companions' freedom. 

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Also: Campus welcomes the release, hopes for two more

UCRP retirement logoConcerned about shoring up the UC Retirement Plan, the University of California Board of Regents will vote Thursday on a proposal to increase pension contributions. If regents agree, employees would begin paying about 3.5 percent of annual pay in July 2011, rising to 5 percent in July 2012. UC would pay 7 percent in 2011 and 10 percent in 2012.

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Also: UC Web forum on pensions, other issues Sept. 24

Cal 10th, based on rock-star grads. Disabled students' innovative project improves campus accessibility and services.
Used stuff gets new life through UCB website.

Campus memorial Sept. 27
Service honors those who passed away during the past year.

Birgeneau speaks at Brookings
Showcases Berkeley programs designed to produce much-needed science, math teachers.

North Gate exhibit is first West Coast show of Andrew Stern's coal country photos from 50 years ago. Stern speaks on his work Thursday. 

Pressure-sensitive material could one day be used for prosthetic limbs and robots.

Berkeley Law study also says state revenues would sink if ballot measure passes.

Biologists to look for high-sugar corn whose waste could produce fuel.

Prof named chief tech specialist for renewable energy, efficiency.

Expert in computer science, applied math wins promotion at LBNL.

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