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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
World Cup Q&A with Cal's head soccer coach 
Kevin Grimes; World Cup logo The Netherlands is still Kevin Grimes' pick to win the World Cup, come finals day on July 11.
The Golden Bears' head soccer coach also has things to say about: whether replay technology should be used in World Cup games, the U.S.-Ghana game and how the U.S. team did overall, alternatives to penalty kicks, and superstar-turned-head-coach Maradona.
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Report from the field: Violence against women in the name of 'culture' is pandemic
Rochelle Terman In April 2007, Du'a Khalil Aswad, a 17-year-old Yezidi girl, was stoned to death by members of her community in Iraqi Kurdistan, who believed she had run off to marry a Sunni Muslim man. It wasn't an isolated incident, reports Human Rights Fellow Rochelle Terman, in her third post in the "Student Journal" series, dispatches from the field on her summer research. Women and girls around the world (including those living in "the West") are subject to appalling violence justified in the name of religion, culture and tradition, she reports.
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Tick tock: Countdown is on for corpse flower's full bloom - and alluring stench
Corpse flower, about to bloom Berkeley is holding its breath - and quite possibly its nose - as the Botanical Garden's sixth Titan Arum flower unfurls its stinky self and opens up. Full bloom is expected Wednesday or Thursday, along with the full expression of the stench that gives the rare plant its common name: corpse flower. This year's version has been dubbed Maladora. What's become an annual event in the Bot Garden's Tropical House draws a crowd, and the garden plans to stay open past its 5 p.m. closing to accommodate Maladora's fans and olfactory thrill seekers.
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Events at Berkeley
Architect picked for BAM/PFA redesign
DS+R did N.Y.'s Alice Tully Hall and High Line.

Operational Excellence ramps up

UC moves ahead with online-course expansion
Commission on Future also backs transfer-process improvements.

Dissertation-writer's room opens at Doe
Borenstein named to U.S. aviation panel
Haas prof to help shape airlines' future.

Berkeley scientists to help write 5th IPCC climate report
New link for ordering business cards, stationery

Campus tightens Social Security number use
New policy aims to reduce security risk.

Grad student's transit app goes live

Berkeley opens online materials exchange
Get free office items, or recycle your own.
Philip Selznick
Sociology, law scholar.

Jill Costello
Women's crew coxswain.

Wolf Homburger
Traffic expert at ITS.

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