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Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Summer enrollment on track to set new record
students with Campanile Monday, May 24, marked the start of Summer Sessions, and already enrollment looks record-breaking. Some 13,800 students, international scholars and independent adult learners have signed up for summer courses at Berkeley, with thousands more expected to follow. Financial constraints may be spurring many to fulfill academic requirements at a discount, in lieu of hitting the beach.
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2010 reading list spotlights education 
3 books on listThe 2010 UC Berkeley Summer Reading List, on the timely theme "Education Matters," includes memoirs, biographies, arguments, poetry, fiction and a blog. This is not required reading, but a collection of great titles (and useful write-ups) offered by campus faculty and staff as a way of welcoming incoming students to campus intellectual life. (Everyone else, as well, is welcome to check out its great reads.)
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How much carbon is stored by the oceans?
research ship on oceanMarine plankton convert a huge portion of the carbon in seawater into seafood. Exactly how much of this biological carbon is stored in the oceans has a tremendous impact on future climate scenarios. Jim Bishop, a Berkeley professor of earth and planetary science, designs robots that can measure ocean carbon in all seasons and weather conditions.
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Events at Berkeley
Postdocs track comet's dive deep into the sun

Chancellor calls for unified effort to restore public education

Getting 'On the Same Page' about DNA test

New L&S website offers details on 'Personalized Medicine' plan.

'Self advocates' tell their stories
Library adds oral histories of people with developmental disabilities.

Film studies gets a promotion
'It's my job'
Corliss LeeAccidental librarian Corliss Lee shows students how to unearth  academic research treasures.

Staff advisor-designate to UC regents named
Campus emergency preparedness drill set for Thursday, June 17

UC plans to redirect administrative savings to core mission
John Cowee
Business school's seventh dean led creation of an international curriculum.

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