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Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Scientists enable a robot to fold towels
Towel-folding robot A team from Berkeley's Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department has figured out how to get a robot to fold previously unseen towels of different sizes. The development is more than just a step toward robots that can do the laundry and perform other household chores. The team's approach solves a key problem in robotics - how to deal with flexible, or "deformable," objects.
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New student-written blog could be the X factor for prospective undergrads considering Cal
Trisha Remetir When Josh Ephraim was considering whether to come to Berkeley, he wished he could hear what students had to say about life at Cal. Now a junior, he is part of the Golden Bears Blog, which aims to fill that gap. Student volunteers like Ephraim and Trisha Remetir (pictured) write weekly posts about their lives on the new site, launched recently by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
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Giggles give clues to hyena's social status
Hyena The giggle call of the spotted hyena tells other hyenas not only the age and identity of the animal, but also its social status, according to a new UC Berkeley study.
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Events at Berkeley
Cal Day logoCal Day is coming soon
The campus throws its annual open house on April 17.

Bill Gates plans daylong visit
'Giving back' is his topic for speech to students.

Chancellor's panel takes on athletics' budget issues
New head team doctor for Cal athletes

Pollster Peter Hart
Politics, public policy
lecture April 27. 

Sheila Kuehl at Boalt
Ex-legislator speaks on
'difference' April 15

Botanical garden spring plant sale

Pension contributions start on April 15
University goes first; employees follow suit with 2 percent May 1.

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