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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Fighting Nazism with the printed word
Jeroen Dewulf and James Spohrer examine a clandestine artworkResonating through a new Doe Library exhibit of Dutch clandestine art and literature published in defiance of Nazi suppression is the knowledge that, more than a half-century later, persecution, prison and even execution can still be the price of words printed on paper. On display are some 100 pamphlets, books and artworks from a Bancroft Library special collection, one of the largest of its kind in the world. Driving home the exhibit's message will be a Regents Lecture on April 15 by Kader Abdolah, a Dutch writer forced to flee his native Iran for opposing the ayatollahs.
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How Californians are doing more with less
Waiting for social services California's budget crisis has cut deeply into social services, often easier targets than other public programs - and counties are still waiting for the other shoe to drop when the new state budget comes out, according to an in-depth look at the impact of the cuts by Berkeley's School of Social Welfare. 
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Quilt, dance-a-thon keep AIDS awareness alive
Sections of the AIDS quiltStudents arrange AIDS quilt display are on display in Unit 3 this week, part of student efforts to remind the campus of the epidemic's human face. On Friday night, ASUC's annual all-night Dance Marathon in Pauley Ballroom will raise funds to fight pediatric AIDS. 
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Events at Berkeley
Paul Tillberg$250,000 grant for engineering grad student
Hertz Foundation award for innovative research.

Berkeley speaks freely to UC panel
Commission on Future airs its ideas on campus.

UC and UPTE agree on a new contract
Union members ratify five-year pact.

Blog on raising happy kids wins award
Berkeley hosts 'Tsinghua Week'
Academic and cultural
cross-pollination with
Beijing university.

How to green your technology use
Computing initiative website offers guide.

Theater program on preventing sexual harassment
Workshop is April 13.
Charles Muscatine
Chaucer scholar fought  loyalty pledge.

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