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Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Major award recognizes Berkeley engineer's breakthrough work in Web technologies
Eric Brewer
Engineering professor Eric Brewer is being honored by the Association for Computing Machinery for achievements in developing highly scalable Web technologies -- the kind that underpin all major Internet services.  The association credited Brewer's groundbreaking work in operating systems and networking for laying the foundation for today's giant data centers, enabling search, email and social networks, as well as cloud computing.
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Innovative program helps immigrant parents and their children communicate
Yu-Wen Ying
It's all too common that a cultural gap grows between parents and children when a family moves to the United States from another country. A program developed by School of Social Welfare Professor Yu-Wen Ying helps both sides understand each other better.
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Want to tell the State Dept. a thing or two? Berkeley media pros help make it easy
Opinon Space
With a big assist from Berkeley's Center for New Media, the U.S. Department of State has just gone live with "Opinion Space," an interactive website that invites everyone to make their voices heard on foreign policy. The idea is to foster global conversations on foreign affairs.
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Events at Berkeley
Yellen, emeritus prof, could be Fed's No. 2
Economist on Obama's short list for post.

Alum wins 'Nobel of Computing'
Early work on PC honored.

California student population to soar
Report predicts new budget challenges for state higher ed.
Leaving for the week? Turn out the lights
And other tips for saving energy during the break/furlough.

Spring break hours at Tang
Health services schedule for March 22-28.

Tips for midterm stress management
Thomas Barnes
Emeritus professor, legal historian.
'Fresh thinking' on the economy
Christina Romer, Rich Lyons headline at Haas.

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