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Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010
Students tapped to help plot Berkeley's technological future
Students on the tech council When Berkeley CIO Shel Waggener looked around for advisers to help map the campus's technological future, he turned to the real experts: the students.
The new Student Technology Council now is working to expand the campus's thinking about technology and to capitalize on what Waggener calls 'this explosive period of creation.'
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BAM's new installation puts the fun in functional art
BAMscape Filling the central atrium of the Berkeley Art Museum is BAMscape, a sprawling combination of art and comfy seating, complete with computer hookups. The functional art piece is intended as an invitation to visitors to lounge, study, and inhabit the space in new ways.
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Top-quality graduate students flock to Berkeley despite budget woes
Andrew Szeri Despite a budget shortfall, hiring freeze, and higher fees, the Berkeley campus continues to attract more and higher quality graduate students, according to new data from the campus's Graduate Division. By far, students say their top reasons for coming to Berkeley include the chance to work with distinguished faculty and to earn their degrees from world-class graduate programs.
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Events at Berkeley
Roger McGuinnA Byrd lands in Berkeley
Roger McGuinn
takes a 'Turn'
in class on environment.

Thursday, panel assesses  shift in the workforce.

Alarming study on autos and arteries
Implications for cardiac health.

BAM/PFA eyes old UC Printing Plant
Employee/retiree survey on pensions
UC gathers feedback
through March 1.

Blood drive donors, volunteers wanted
Tomorrow (Feb. 10), at Pauley Ballroom.

Campus police seek 'potty pirate'
Film, talk on the global water crisis
Free screening of award-winning 'Flow.'

Bug museum offers Darwin Day tours
Dave Eggers on 'Panorama'

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