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Heart Beat Meditation

Sangoma Medicine USA Tour
Bringing Indigenous Knowledge to the Modern World
New YorkOctober & November
New York, Brooklyn & Manhattan 4-14th October
  • 6/7th Ancestors weekend Intensive, TDA
  • For more information contact Cathy Towle.
  • 10th Introduction to Xhosa Medicine, Brooklyn Ethical Cultural Society
  • For more information contact Cathy Towle.
  • 14th Annual Shamanic Gathering in Central Park, NY
  • Presented by New York Shamanic Circle.
  • Featured guests include John Perkins, John Lockley
    Oscar Santillo, Susana Tapia Leon, Alessandra Belloni and other local and indigenous shamans.
  • For more information call 212-533-0909 or e-mail
  • Sangoma Divinations, 5th, 9th,10th, 12th & 15th 
  • 567 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY.
  • To schedule a session please email Cathy Towle.
San Francisco 19th - 30th October
  • 27/28th Plant Medicine Weekend Intensive workshop. Learning the art of working with medicinal plants.
  • Sangoma Divinations23rd, 24th, 30th & 31st.
  • To book a private Divination or place on the plant medicine workshop please email or phone Chris on cell  408 482-7605.
Memphis 1st - 6th November
  • 1st - Introduction to traditional Xhosa Medicine
  • 3/4th - Weekend Intensive & Ancestral Blessing Ceremony.
  • Private Sangoma Sessions, 1st, 2nd, 5th & 6th.
  • For more information please contact Norma 901-217-1276.
  • See
  • Download pdf flier
Seattle 8th - 15th November
  • 8th - Talk & Blessing Ceremony
  • 10/11th - Traditional Sangoma Workshop
  • 12-15th Sangoma Sessions 
  • To book and for general info please email Kate.
Canada - Vancouver 16th - 19th November
  • 16 & 17 - Private Sangoma Divinations. Please book through John's office.
  • 18th - One day Global Shamanic Festival. Proceeds will go towards John's Ubuntu Fund.
  • For general info and to book please email Angela.
For more details on upcoming events, please visit the website. 
Spiritual work can often bring up emotional pain and old hurts. It is important for people to take responsibility for their inner life and to do the necessary work to help shift old patterns. 
I can only help people who are willing to work. I am a simple guide, teacher and healer. My job is to facilitate peoples' healing process, not to do it for them. 
The spiritual journey is often called the 'Hero's quest' because it involves courage, fortitude, and discipline. Saying all this it can also be a great deal of fun.
"My journey is about reconciliation and part of my job is to help heal the past. When people are more connected with their own spirits, there is less of a desire to destroy or put down another. I don't intend to bring Xhosa or South African shamanic culture to the West as such, but rather to use its essence - the techniques of prayer, dream work and connection to nature - to help people connect with their own ancestors and spiritual traditions."  - John Lockley
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