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Dear Ubuntu friends    

I am pleased to announce my next USA/ Mexico tour. I had a wonderful time last year, and I felt truelly touched by the warmth and hospitality that I received.

Please read through my schedule and if you see that I am close to your area and you would like me to visit your community for a talk/ blessing ceremony and private divination sessions then please contact Julie Bete.

The focus of my work is 'Ubuntu Ubunzulu' which is Xhosa for teachings involving our Ancestors and 'the depth of humanity'. The essence of it is that we 'all have red blood' and are connected through our shared humanity. In our Xhosa culture, 'Ubuntu' or 'humannes' is something that you attain through the quality of your connection with others.

I call my workshops 'Ubuntu 101' because I teach people the fundamentals in connecting with their Ancestors or spirit guides, themselves, Nature, community and the Great Spirit.

I do this through a combination of rhythm work, african drumming, chanting, medicinal plants and meditation. Included in this is community or group involvement where everybody gets a chance to share and talk about their dreams and spiritual life. Stillness is an important part of the practice, and at certain times I encourage people to center in and feel and deeply listen to their heart beat. Because as we all know our heart beat is what connect us to Nature and the world around us.

One of my 'spirit songs' is called 'masembo' which in English means 'let us bring back the old ways', let us remember who we are as human beings. Let us remember our old people and the people who have walked before us and who will walk after us in the future. For when we can appreciate the sacredness of our lives then many things are possible and everything becomes imbued and alive with Spirit.

I look forward to sharing this ancient song with those of you who join me around the fire, and for ubuntu talks & workshops.
USA Tour

26th September - 6th November 2010

New York, Stone Ridge
  • Friday 24th - 26th September
  • Talk Friday @ 8pm @ MAMA. For more info please contact EV @ 687-8890
  • Download pdf flyer

Ashville, North Carolina
  •  Monday 27th September - Sunday 3rd October 
John will be giving talk, workshop & seeing private clients for divinations. Workshop date & talk to be finalised.
Please contact Jeff Baker 828-242-2314 for more information.
For flyer, information and to book Sangoma divination sessions please contact Julie Bete 802-251-0552
New Freedom, Pennsylvania
  • 23rd - 25th October
  • Saturday 23rd - An evening round the fire with John Lockley
  • Sunday 24th - One day 'Ubuntu' Workshop
  • Private Sangoma Divinations by appointment on Saturday 23rd and Monday 25th
  • For Bookings & queries please contact Anne Marie
  • Download pdf flyer Ubuntu Workshop.

Margaretville, New York State
  •  28-31 October
This is a more in depth workshop and geared towards serious seekers, and those working towards a deeper connection with their Ancestors/ Spirit Guides. It also includes a sacred river ceremony in keeping with ancient traditional Xhosa ceremonies that have been going on without cessation for time immemorial.

For bookings and enquiries please contact the Blue Deer Center above. To book for private divinations please email Julie Bete 802-251-0552.


1st - 5th November

John will be in the New York state area for a further 5 days after his Blue Deer Center workshop. If people are interested in hosting him for talks/ blessing ceremonies and/ or divinations please contact Julie Bete or Larry Brown.
Mexico Tour

7th - 14th November 2010

John will be travelling to Tepoztlan where he will be giving public talks about his work & private Sangoma Divination sessions. For more information please contact Henry.
In the news

Please have a look at the last June edition of Spirit & Destiny magazine in the UK for an article about my work.

I was also in the latest Sacred Fire magazine in the USA with an article entitled Lone Leopard (Click on link to view article).
Heartbeat Meditation CDs ready for purchase
Heart Beat MeditationNew copies of my Heartbeat Meditation CD are ready, and cost $15.
I recommend using this as a way of helping to establish and deepen your daily practice of stillness.

For our heart-beat is the closest thing we have to Nature & when we are more in tune with our own heart-beat then we are more aligned with Nature & the world around us.

These will be available at all of my workshop venues.
If you would like to order one contact Julie Bete.
"My journey is about reconciliation and part of my job is to help heal the past. When people are more connected with their own spirits, there is less of a desire to destroy or put down another. I don't intend to bring Xhosa or South African shamanic culture to the West as such, but rather to use its essence - the techniques of prayer, dream work and connection to nature - to help people connect with their own ancestors and spiritual traditions."
John Lockley