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New Biomass Research Tools
AURI Client Cakedy Featured on KARE-11 News
Effect of High-Protein Dried Distillers Grains on Finishing Cattle
Renewable Energy Roundtable Information
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Minnesota Renewable Energy Roundtable 

July 24, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Bemidji, Minn.

The next Minnesota Renewable Energy Roundtable will feature LeAnn Oliver, senior advisor for clean energy and rural development for the US Department of Energy. 

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April 2012
AURI Releases New Biomass Research Tools
Biomass Heating
This week AURI released two new research tools about biomass. One is a Minnesota Biomass Heating Feasibility Guide, which aims to help turkey producers and greenhouse operators determine whether they should use biomass to replace high-cost heating fuels, such as propane and fuel oil, with biomass combustion heating systems. The second report is a Midwest Biomass Inventory,which provides a snapshot of the Midwest's available biomass. These tools are available in their entirety on the AURI website: 


> Minnesota Biomass Heating Feasibility Guide 

AURI Client Cakedy Featured on KARE-11 News
Do you like candy? What about cake? Combine the two, and you have Cakedy! This new Minnesota candy bar, made by brother and sister Ryan and Krystal Taylor, was recently featured on KARE-11 news. AURI scientist Charan Wadhawan has helped with nutritional analysis, product evaluation, and shelf life.
Research Looks at the Effect of High-Protein Dried Distillers Grains on Finishing Cattle
Finishing Cattle
As ethanol plants separate corn oil from stillage, they have begun to produce high-protein dried distillers grains. The resulting coproduct contains more protein and less fat than traditional distillers grains plus solubles. There is little research to show how these new coproducts impact livestock performance and meat quality. This research provides feedlot managers and livestock producers with more information about these new feed products. Ethanol facilities may also benefit from this research by having access to more data on feed performance for high-protein dried distillers grains. The entire report is available on the AURI website:

Renewable Energy Roundtable Information
Available Online

More than 70 people from the renewable energy industry, including businesses, government, and nonprofit agencies, attended the Minnesota Renewable Energy Roundtable in March. The Roundtable is one of AURI's communities of innovation. All of the informative documents and presentations shared during the day are now available online.


> Read information shared at the event.