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April 2010

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Annual Annual Meeting 2010
  • Annual Meeting general registration launches today, April 15, 2010.  If you think you're going to play a special role at the AM - studio leader, performer, etc., you should wait to register.  Otherwise, register with wild abandon!
  • Call to Action!  This year, all paid positions for the Annual Meeting will be hired through an open call.  Please click here to read more about the various positions and apply.
  • Reminder: Just two more weeks until proposals for Studios, Performances, and Visual Arts close (April 30).  To download the RFP, please visit the bottom of the AM webpage.

About the artist

annual meeting graphic 2010Ricardo Levins Morales was born into the Puerto Rican independence movement and has been engaged in struggles for social justice since I was young. His art developed within these struggles. He was a member of the art/organizing group, the Northland Poster Collective for thirty years and now works out of a store-front studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He practices what he calls 'medicinal art,' art to help people recognize and exercise their power.

What was your process in creating this piece of art?
This poster began with a phone discussion with Shannon, Keryl and Carlton at Alternate Roots. We talked about the big questions: What is the dream of AR; How does is fit in with NALAC; Who are the rank and file; how is that changing? What do you want folks to come away with? You know, organizer questions. My next step is always to let all that input compost and see what sprouts. The image here is based on the suggestion of a tree growing in the land but the land is the soil of southern culture old and new and the tree is the fruit of the arts that grow in that soil. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the two. Sometimes there is no distinction.

The Aesthetics of Diversity: Place, People and Traditions in the New South
Aesthetics of Diversity is a three-year framework to explore issues, challenges, and opportunities in the South, represented by the changing demographics in the region. Through the arts, Aesthetics of Diversity will build relationships with diverse artists and their communities in our region. ROOTS' Resources for Social Change and the Community/Artists Partnership Program will be the primary vehicles to fund projects for this initiative.
Aesthetics of Diversityoffers ROOTS artists an exciting opportunity to create long-term artistic relationships that could span multiple years. The framework is designed to explore issues of place in 2010, people in 2011, and traditions in 2012.
Look for more information to follow soon, with announcements for upcoming C/APP grant opportunities.

News From the Development Department
Alternate ROOTS is pleased to announce that the Kresge Foundation, based in Troy, MI, has awarded a two-year general operating grant of $200,000 to support operations and program activities. Alternate ROOTS is one of only two organizations in Georgia to receive support from Kresge. This grant represents a new relationship with a nationally recognized and highly respected foundation.
The National Endowment for the Artshas awarded ROOTS two grants to support programs for 2010. The first grant of $40,000 will support our partnership with the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) for the 2010 Annual Meeting. In addition, we will receive $30,000 to support RSC and C/APP activities.

Member Profile:Maurice Turner Maurice Turner
(in honor of
Jazz Awareness Month)

Maurice Turner is a jazz & hip-hop community-based artist based out of Raymond, MS.

He took time out of his busy travel schedule to talk with Shannon Turner, Manager of Programs & Services, about jazz, community, why ROOTS matters, and synchronized swimming and the Annual Meeting. Read ORlisten to the interview here.

Job Announcement:
Finance & Office Manager

Alternate ROOTS is hiring a part-time position to assist with the day-to-day operation of its financial and office management. The successful candidate will be comfortable working both independently and as a member of a team of staff members. This position requires initiative, creativity, flexibility, excellent verbal and written communications skills, a willingness to learn, and ease in computerized office/financial software use.  With respect to the position's communications task set, the incumbent will be responsible for bookkeeping, payroll, organizational and payroll taxes, grants management, budget monitoring and other administrative tasks as needed.  Read more about this position [here].

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In This Issue
Annual Meeting 2010
Aesthetics of Diversity
News From the Development Department
Member Profile: Maurice Turner
Wanted: Finance & Office Manager
Resources for Social Change Retreat
Artistic Assitance Cycle XIV
Fractured Atlas University

RSC Spring Retreat
April 30-May 2, 2010
Atlanta, GA

Resources for Social Change is a training program developed by ROOTS that teaches ideas and techniques to create social change through art working with local artists, and community organizers. Please go to the website if you would like more information.

Artistic Assistance Cycle XIV
Grants Announced
The most recent round of Artistic Assistance was disbursed this month.  Seventeen applications were submitted, requesting more than $17,500.  Please read about the program and the awards that were given for this round here.

Fractured Atlas University Classes become free!
You may remember that, a few months ago, ROOTS and Fractured Atlas joined forces so that our members are now eligible for a free Associate Membership with Fractured Atlas.  If you don't remember the details of this partnership, read about it here.

Well, now, one of Fractured Atlas best loved services, Fractured U. has become totally free.  Read more about it here.

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