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For Immediate Press Release, 3 October 

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Thomas Kamanzi, Newsletter Editor
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 Press Statement from DotConnectAfrica Trust

For Immediate Press Release


Sabotage to Our Wikipedia Sites

Wikipedia- DotConnectAFrica


3 October 2012


We wish to inform the global Internet public that our Wikipedia pages have been willfully and maliciously attacked.


The Wikipedia pages containing entries for 




which was attributed based on DCA's initial work


and that of its Executive Director, 

Ms. Sophia Bekele


have been seriously affected by this act of sabotage.


Crucial information pertaining to the work of 

DCA Trust, .africa and Ms. Sophia Bekele 


were willfully deleted from the published pages, even though the items of information that were removed have been unmodified and generally available on these pages for the past five (5) years. 


We believe that this act of willful sabotage has been committed by our detractors who wish to engage DCA in an unnecessary war of attrition and in the process, aim to distract DCA from its important work. 


Our opponents have directly substituted their own .africa version and have also deleted relevant text from our Wikipedia page, thus defacing the contents of our Wikipedia sites, including professional history and credentials of Ms.Sophia Bekele which has existed over five years.


Even so, we condemn this type of harmful action that has been perpetrated against DCA Trust and its Executive Director, Ms. Sophia Bekele. 


We are quite unhappy that large amounts of published information on our Wikipedia pages have been wantonly and hatefully deleted by our detractors or faceless individuals acting on behalf of, or in cooperation with, our detractors.


DCA Trust will not tolerate this type of unwarranted aggravation.

 Therefore, it is our intention to thoroughly investigate this matter, and report it to the appropriate authorities with a view to making those responsible held accountable for their wicked actions.


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