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15 August 2011 

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 DCA Foundation & Strategic Advisory Committee Member Njeri Rionge

"Africa's Most Successful Women"

Forbes  Magazine

"Forbes Magazine, is a highly influential and leading source of reliable business news and financial information for global leaders,  analysts  and  wealth managers; and has  named DCA's Founding Member Njeri Rionge as "Africa's Most Successful  Women".   
DCA hereby congratulates Njeri Rionge for this singular recognition and is pleased to share this with its Pan-African constituency." 
Njeri Rionge


 In East African business circles, few entrepreneurs shine brighter than Njeri Rionge. One of Kenya's most successful and revered serial entrepreneurs, Rionge has co-founded multi-million dollar companies in quick succession. She co-founded Wananchi Online, a leading Internet service provider which has gone on to become East Africa's leading cable, broadband and IP (Internet-based) phone company. Wananchi has become immensely successful, so much that it has raised close to $60 million in growth capital from a consortium private equity firms. She also founded Ignite Consulting, a thriving business consultancy; Business Lounge, Kenya's leading startup incubator; Ignite Lifestyle, a health care consultancy; and Insite, one of Kenya's most successful digital marketing outfits. She now divides her time between homes in Nairobi and Toronto where she runs her diverse business concerns. She recently recounted to me her earliest days in business and reiterated her relentless pursuit of the African dream. 


What is your philosophy in business and in life?

"I judge myself based on my performance vis--vis today's challenges and opportunities. I am passionate about growth in others and myself. I am humbled and gain enormous strength from the many young dynamic people I have had the privilege of working with over the years. Success for me is defined by increased value - not simply financial rewards.  This is still to be tested in this phase one and the follow up phases." - Njeri Rionge



DCA's response: "Congratulations Njeri!  DCA is indeed proud of your trailblazing qualities and important achievements; and as a strong African woman, we know and expect, you will bring to our beloved DCA the same profound qualities for the success of DotAfrica!  Success loves the success that success brings! and make sure you reserve all your business names from ".whatever" :) seriously!"


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