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22 June 2011  

Press Contact:
Thomas Kamanzi, Newsletter Editor
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Sophia Bekele

Ethiopian Champion of the .africa initiative


Bekele is the Executive Director of a non-profit organization DotConnectAfrica, which adovcates for the adoption of a dotAfrica Top Level Domain.  On 11th December 2010 the International Domain Resolution Union endorsed the dotafrica project for DotConnectAfrica stating that, 

"Ms. Bekele, as a former gNSO advisor to ICANN, you have worked hard and long to champion Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). You have made the case within ICANN for a policy development process that will see IDNs in service of the world community. And you have done so successfully."

Enterprise Technology 

Kampala Uganda: The glossy up-market Enterprise Technologically (ET) magazine, in its June 2011 featured as "The Google Issue", spotlights its Executives of the month, and covered the story of .africa and the Champion behind it, profiling Bekele as "the fun loving..."  read more on Enterprise Technology, P.16  

In an exclusive conversation with Bekele, ET asked "What international policy changes would you like to see regarding usage of Internet domains?

"We have seen a major one in this recent past on International Domain Names (IDNs), which exemplifies the benefits made by the international community to support language development to theinternet based on non-English scripts,which was great. The internationalcommunity that were beneficiaries havegiven credence to DCA its contribution to the ICANN policy development process towards this end ad have endorsed our initiative for such.
Further to this, I would like to see a continuation of the internet governance such that it remains free of politics - truly independent of any single or group of countries."   

Sophia Bekele - Enterprise Technology

Sophia Bekele is an


born executive who has served on numerous international bodies including Internet  Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), United Nations  African Information Society Initiative  (AISI); and has spoken at a host of global  events -UNECA, ISOC, the Africa Union Union Commission.   

A successful entrepreneur 
with businesses in both North America and her native Ethiopia she has also  spoken at the Stanford Women in Business series, Silicon Valley; and on e-Government at the ITU World Summit on Information Society .  

Bekele is co-founder of the Internet So
ciety for San Francisco Bay and has represented East Africa on the UN sponsored Steering  Committee for African Stakeholders Network.  


"The DotConnectAfrica initiative is really

Africa's response to the benefits of a unified continental domain on the internet.  It is a new idea which will be guided by the ICANN policy embodied in the rule-book that's a process which is both competitive and "bottoms up" - Sophia Bekele


More for full interview and profileBekele's talk with Enterprise Technology, page 16 

Press Release:


Enterprise Technology Sophia Bekele

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