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For Immediate Press Release

25 May 2011  

Press Contact:
Thomas Kamanzi, Newsletter Editor
[email protected]

Congratulations Africa on AFRICA DAY - 25th May 2011


DCA would like to wish Africa a Happy Africa Day!

Date - May 25, 2011 - Africa Day.


As a stakeholder in the new Africa that is being built, it is with great pride and honor that DCA wishes to seize this special opportunity to join all well-wishers and congratulate all the African peoples through the Africa Union as we celebrate this auspicious AFRICA day. A more relevant Africa today will own the future. African Union logoWe share the thoughts and visions of the founding fathers of this day and recognize the efforts and developments that have defined growth over the 47 years since 1963 when this day was first inaugurated.  Thus far, through the facilitation of individual governments and the strong participation of the private sector, Africa has witnessed tremendous expansion in all sectors of the economy. Even so, much remains to be done.


We appreciate the way in which the great nations of Africa have allowed technology, health, academics, business to experience continuing advancement via the multipronged approach where innovative private public partnerships are being harnessed to create synergistic effects. Private sector organizations have been allowed to act as a strong fortification and much-need partners in this process, and this has resulted in accelerated and quality growth, with positive impacts on all aspects that define the compact that exists between governments and peoples as partners in progress in order to ensure a successful society.


Much as several opportunities may have been missed in the past to insidious effects of war, poverty, infrastructural underdevelopments, problems of governance, etc. DCA acknowledges and shares the altruistic efforts of individuals within AU whose unshakeable commitment to the advancement of this great continent have enabled it to overcome the most daunting obtsacles during the past five decades of its existence, whilst remaining relevant as an organization representing the African peoples.


We therefore, together with other people of goodwill within this Great Continent and the world at large, would like to wish the Africa Union a Happy Africa Day.


God Bless Africa.


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