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14 March 2011  

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DotConnectAfrica comments on IPV6 for  ".africa"
14 March 2011:  The East African talkis about IPV6 and its relevance to .africa.

generation.africaAfrica ready for new Internet address regime


"It's paramount to say that '.africa' being among the latest top level Internet domains being routed for registration, could not come at a better time when the world has adequately prepared for over a decade for IPV6," said Gideon Rop, a DCA contributor, adding: "This means that it is fully compliant by default since the registries that take up the domain pool will have equipped their systems adequately with servers that are IPV6 ready." 

"Allocation of the last pool of IPv4 addresses means African governments must fast track adoption of IPv6 since the Africa RIR will run out of IPv4 in just three to four years. Most African nations are emerging Internet economies hence the increased addressing space made available by the adoption of IPv6 is good news for Africa," said Samuel Ochanji, DCA project coordinator."


However, Ms Bekele noted that Africa needs to build capacity as relates to investments needed in switching to IPv6.

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. DCA is endorsed by African Union (AU) & the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and Internationalized Domain Resolution Union (IDRU) language group.  

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