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Eating Healthy Is Easier Than You Think!

Healthy Habits may start at home but they need to continue at the office too! The average person spends most of their waking day in the office. Trying to stay healthy in the office can be hard.  Don't indulge in "mindless eating" out of stress and boredom.  You can work on creating healthy habits in the office with some simple tips like these below.
Fill Up on H2O

The average American drinks 526 sodas per year.  Switch to water and cut over 6,000 calories a month...a weight loss of 21 pounds in a year without any effort! Drinking Water keeps you feeling full, helping weight loss.  Many people think they are hungry when really they are just thirsty.

Java Java Java

Coffee on its own has zero calories but once you start adding the cream and sugar, then it's good-bye healthy! 

coffee cup

If you must drink coffee, try to stay with one-two cups per day.  Go for a glass of water or low calorie juice instead.

water jug

Lunch Time!

Packing a lunch not only saves you hundreds of dollars a year but also calories.  Take-out salads may seem like a healthier option however, many have more than 1,000 calories!  If you are ordering out, follow these easy guidelines...

-Keep your fat intake to less than 30% of total calories

-Stay with 500 calories or less, or cut portion in half

-Add healthy sides like fruit or a salad

-Drink plenty of water with your meal

-The meal contains plenty of protein

Are the mid-afternoon munchies calling?

Most vending machine snacks are high in calories and not very satisfying.  Instead of hitting the machine, plan ahead and stock your desk with healthy snacks such as:

-Trail mix and/or dried fruits & nuts

-Instant oatmeal

-Cans of soup

-Cereal Bars



Small steps can produce BIG results. Try and introduce one or all of these steps into your daily routine and you will be on your way to living a healthier lifestyle! 

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