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Hedge Fund Recruitment Specialist, Edwin Ostrand, Forecasts Increased but Focused Hiring in 2010

Hedge Fund talent expert, Edwin Ostrand, says that funds are hiring again but that they are increasingly using focused recruitment firms to find the talent they need.
TAMPA, FL, January 12, 2010 - Veteran hedge fund recruitment specialist Edwin Ostrand, today forecasted increased and highly selective hiring by the hedge fund industry in 2010.

"Hedge funds are hiring again. That's the good news," said Ostrand. "However, the most successful ones are engaging in highly focused searches for specific skills. They are not looking randomly for talent on job boards.  They are looking for specific talent that brings them not only skills and value, but also passion and a good corporate fit. They are using specialized recruitment firms to find them as they realize the very best talent, in most cases, may not even be looking to move to a new firm."

Ostrand, who has been focused on the hedge fund industry for over 10 years, has recruited many professionals for his clients, which have included some of the largest financial institutions. Ostrand differentiates himself through his unique value proposition which includes early assessment of a client's needs, identification of candidates, exhaustive due diligence, compensation negotiation and closing on candidate hires.

"Hedge funds continue to hire me because of the value they receive from my service. They do not waste time seeing average candidates, as we only present the highest caliber talent, the ones who bring the most to the table in capabilities and skill, and we do it fast. It is why most of our clients have continued to rely on us over the years" Ostrand said.

Looking to 2010, Ostrand forecasted that "There will be hiring. Hedge Funds are growing again. But it's not across the board. Funds are looking for exceptional talent that fits their exact requirements. That's where we come in."

Edwin Ostrand is recognized for his unique style and successful record in recruiting top-performing candidates in the hedge fund industry. Ed works with only a small select group of clients, forging long-term relationships, addressing strategy issues, and establishing strategic partnerships with those clients. Through this approach, Ed is able to develop an in-depth personal knowledge of his clients' business resulting in a better appreciation of cultural nuances, management style and unique structural dynamics, thereby increasing credibility in presenting talented candidates. Prior to his own practice, Edwin headed the Alternative Asset team for one of the largest retained search firms in the world, serving clients in the US, Europe, Asia and the Americas. 

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