Vecchio's Italian Market and Delicatessen
14 W Jennings Street
M-F - 7am-7pm
Sat. - 9am-6pm
Sun. - Limited winter hours
While driving through Downtown Newburgh on Jennings Street you might have noticed a few new words like salumi, formaggio, dolce, and vino.  These are words Frank Spadavecchio is extremely familiar with.  Frank is a third generation Italian-American.  His mother's family is from Sicily and his father's family is from Naples. 
Born in New York, Frank grew up in south Florida.  At an early age he began working in restaurants and continued throughout college.  This is where Frank learned to cook.  After graduating from college and while pursuing his MBA, Frank was recruited into pharmaceutical sales where he worked for twenty years. 
He met his wife Gina in college and she too had a career in pharmaceutical sales.  Gina was promoted and the family moved to Birmingham, AL.  While in Birmingham, Frank and Gina stared a dinner club with neighborhood friends.  It's through this club that Frank had the chance to show off his culinary talents.  Word spread quickly that Frank was an amazing cook and people started asking him to cater their parties.  He then got involved in local, amateur cooking contests and began to build some real culinary confidence.
Gina once again got promoted and the family relocated to Newburgh in 2008.  Frank did not transfer with his company and decided this would be a good time to stay home with his children for a while.  As the summer ended and the kids went back to school, Frank needed something to do. 
He noticed that it was impossible here to find some of the Italian and specialty ingredients that he needed to cook with.  One of his friends told him about 'The Hill' in St. Louis, but Frank was determined not to drive to St. Louis every time he needed ingredients. 
In July of 2009 Frank decided to stop complaining about the lack of specialty ingredients and do something about it.  He found an opening in Downtown Newburgh and jumped at the chance to create a business out of the culinary talents he posses.  "It was time to reinvent myself," Frank says with a smile.
Vecchio's Italian Market and Delicatessen opened just before Christmas this past year.  In February he will start carrying imported meats and cheeses, fresh pasta salads, and sandwiches.  Vecchio's will also be open for breakfast, carrying items such as pastries, muffins, breads, bagels, and croissants.  And what breakfast would be complete without coffee or espresso?  Vecchio's will offer both.
The grocery shelves are lined with Italian pastas, sauces, and other speciality ingredients.  His wine selection focuses on Italy, Spain, and France, but also includes a selection of California wines.  The beer selection focuses on hard to find imports and microbrews, but also includes a selection of domestic beer.
In the summer the sidewalk will be lined with tables and customers can soak up some sun while enjoying a beautiful view of the river. 
"Everyone has been so supportive," Frank says as a customer walks in and tells him they are so glad he's here.  Frank really has captured a new market and hopes to provide a much needed service to the area.  With wireless internet access and a quaint, laid-back atmosphere, Vecchio's Italian Market and Delicatessen offers something for everyone.

9 W Jennings Street
Newburgh, IN 47630
(812) 853-2815