Case Studies and White Papers

Using Case Studies & White Papers

Case studies and white papers are powerful marketing tools with multiple uses:


On Your Website

Improve search results by adding lots of technical words to your website. The more keywords the better! 


Build Your Database

Offer the case study in exchange for registration to capture email addresses.


As an Article

Team up with another company to showcase a technical process that will help other manufacturers. Trade publications and websites are always looking for material like this if it is well written.


A Promotional Piece

Print your case study or white paper and include it in your brochure or marketing package; use it as part of a direct mail package; or create an email newsletter with it.


White Papers vs. Case Studies

What's the difference between case studies and white papers? Simply put, a case study focuses on a specific example of a product or process, while a white paper is more general information.


Which is best for your company?

it depends on your marketing plan and goals. Learn more about case studies and white papers and see examples of each. 


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Dear ,


As the summer winds down and our focus shifts back toward building business, it's time to take stock of your marketing program. As everyone knows, failure to plan is a plan to fail.


Get your ducks in a row 
Now is the time to create your marketing plan for 2013. Instead of scrambling around a few weeks before the big trade show, plan for the entire year. Be proactive! Learn how to create a marketing plan for your company.

White papers and case studies as marketing tools
One way to boost your marketing program is with a case study or white paper. Both are inexpensive to produce and have multiple uses. Which is best for your company?

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Melanie Dukas 
To begin, gather together your entire management team. If you don't have specific marketing goals, now is the time to develop them. Everyone wants to increase sales, but a well-thought-out strategy will improve results and give focus to all your marketing efforts.


Evaluate your current marketing program
The next step is to take marketing inventory. Ask your team the following questions:
  • What did we do last year? What worked and what didn't?
  • What new products are we introducing this year?
  • What trade shows and events do we have scheduled?
  • Do we have a marketing budget? How much?
  • Is our website up to date? 
  • Do we have literature for all our products? Is it current?
  • Is our database up to date?
Once you've answered these questions, you can develop a marketing plan for your company. Do some brainstorming to come up with marketing ideas and promotions. If you're budget is small, try to set priorities and accomplish what you can.

Planning for New Product Introductions
Ideally, planning for major product introductions should begin nine months in advance, but for most companies, nine months is often an unrealistic goal. However, you should begin your planning process at least four months in advance of an upcoming trade show or new product introduction to execute all the components of your program successfully.

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New Websites


Catering by Kate & Vittorio

My friends Kate and Vittorio have started a new catering company on the North Shore. As chefs at the highly acclaimed Grapevine in Salem, they know how to throw a great party!


V-Tron Electronics

V-Tron Electronics is a custom cable assembly company based in Attleboro, Mass.


INIRAM Precision Machinery

INIRAM is a Northeast distributer of European machine tools and parts based in Peabody, Mass.


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Melanie Dukas


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