The iPAD Revolution is Here!

sidebar10 Ways to use iPADs for Business

1. Go paperless - Type notes using the Notes App and email them directly to colleagues. Outfit your conference room with iPads for anyone present and cut out the clutter of fifty page printed packets for everyone in the room!

2. Skip the Assistant
- Free dictation tools, like Dragon Dictation, allow you to dictate a memo and convert it to text verbally without having a secretary present.

3. Presentations
- Present to small groups without a projector. Hold it up or pass it around, and jump to live links if you need to. Clients love to hold it!

4. Replace the Whiteboard
- Simple doodle apps allow you to draw similar to a white board using only your finger and the iPad's touch screen. No more smelly markers and messy dry erasers!

5. Process Credit Cards
- Accept credit card payments on the fly with a *free* credit card application like Square.

6. Create Graphics
- Sketchbook Pro is a graphics app with a special stylus for ipad/iphone. It's like Photoshop for the iPad and only costs about $10.

7. Video Showcase
- Shoot video, and upload your footage to the iPad on the spot, and edit it if you need to.

8. Take Inventory
- Itemizer allows you to import and export data to/from QuickBooks via Excel and save the information in a PDF report.

9. Keep Connected
- Use Skype for unlimited free calling and conferencing.

10. Run Windows
- With a little back-end setup and a free app, you can remote-control a Windows desktop straight from your iPad.

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iPads are taking the business world by storm! Whatever business function you need to accomplish, there's an app for it.


Between tablets and smart phones, mobile devices are changing the way we work. As a matter of fact, within a few years, mobile devices will overtake PC's as a vehicle for connecting to the Internet.


Is your website is accessible to mobile devices? The new websites are designed to display websites in mobile devices as well as laptops and monitors.


This month, learn how to make your website accessible to mobile devices and get tips for using your iPad for business.


For free assessment of your website's accessibility to mobile devices, call 978.921.2650 send me an email. 


I look forward to hearing from you!


Melanie Dukas 

primaryMaking Your Website Accessible to Mobile Devices


The growing use of mobile devices is causing a revolution in web design. If you have the budget, the best way to reach this growing mobile audience is to start over with a new, flexible HTML5 website that can adapt to size differences of smart phones and tablets, as well as laptops and monitors.


Your website may look great, but if was built more than three years ago, it's best to start fresh with the latest technology. This way, the website will grow with your company, easily adapt to new technologies, and last longer.


If a major upgrade isn't an option right now, here are some simple things you can do to improve your site's accessibility to mobile devices:

  • Make links more prominent - Add special code and effects to make links visible on touch screens.  
  • Put your company's phone number and contact links throughout the site so people can call you easily from their mobile phones.  
  • Include lots of links in the footer of the website so people don't have to waste time scrolling back up to the menu or find a back button.  
  • Use light colored background and dark type to increase readability on small screens.   
  • Use HTML5 videos that are accessible by Apple devices  
  • Eliminate tables from your website which lock your content into position. The new websites are designed to allow content to flow into different size screens.

If you'd like to discuss a making your company's website accessible to mobile devices, give me a call at 978.921.2650 or send me an email.


Melanie Dukas


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