Websites that make sense for your business

How do you know when it's time for a new website? 

To identify website prospects, I peruse websites to identify companies in need of my services. My top prospects are coded with NSB, an MDC acronym for "Needs Site Bad".


Are you an NSB?

These are the things I look for to identify the companies that need my help the most:


Over three years old

If your website was developed more than three years ago, it's time for an update. The web is changing quickly, and the rise in handheld devices is creating a revolution in web design. Make sure your site is accessible with a search engine friendly design.


Flash home page

Flash is not recognized by search engines or Apple devices. A new website can offer the same interactivity in new formats that are accessible to search engines and handheld devices.


Too small

The standard website width is now 960 pixels (13.33") wide. Older websites were designed to fit on a smaller screen, look smaller, and consequently, out of date.


Designed with old technology

If your website is built with tables and/or frames, it's time for an update. This is old technology. New websites are designed with CSS to allow for search engines to easily crawl sites for keywords and other relevant information.


Other telltale signs of an old website:

  • Waving flags
  • Old copyright date
  • Site visitor counter
  • Outdated content, missing pages, broken links 
Don't be an NSB!
Call me at 978.921.2650 or send me an email to discuss a new website for your company.

Dear ,

Much to my surprise, I watched my first reality show last night! On the heels of Mad Men, a new show called "The Pitch" was previewed to
offer a glimpse into the ad agency business and illustrate the creative process.

Having worked in several ad agencies myself, I was quickly drawn into the show and the excitement of the creative process. After all, this is what it's all about for us creative types. Coming up with creative concepts to sell products.

At MDC, every website is approached with the same process. I ask myself, "What does this company have to offer? What is the overall message here? And how can I present all this information in a clear, organized fashion?"

The result? A website that makes sense. Makes sense for your business. Makes sense for your customers. And makes sense for your bottom line.

If you'd like to discuss a website that makes sense for your company, call me at 978.921.2650 or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!


Melanie Dukas 

primaryDoes your website make sense for your business?


With new search engine friendly ways to add interactivity to websites, I'm using new techniques to display videos and slideshows as they make sense for my clients. A little interactivity is a good thing, but the more complicated your website is, the slower it downloads and the less accessible it is to search engines and handhelds.


As the Greeks say, "Everything is good in moderation", and that's my philosophy when it comes to interactivity. A little interactivity goes a long way, and the most important thing is the message. If your website is too busy with interactive menus and slideshows, your visitor may not want to wait. Or he/she may feel overwhelmed and not know where to click. Easier to click the back button and go to the next company in the search.


Better to have one strong graphic that tells the story of your company and grabs interest. What's your company's core message? The one big benefit that sets your company apart from the competition?


In designing a slideshow for my own website, I tried to look at my company from a client's point of view. What do I do better than anyone else? What is my core business message? In the process, it suddenly came to me. Websites that make sense.


Why websites that make sense?

The Internet is complicated. People are barraged with messages and information. Don't add to the clutter! Present your website's information clearly and concisely, with professionally written, search engine friendly content that leads your customers through the buying process.


Websites that make sense for your company 

  • Clearly written and organized to make sense to your customers
  • Designed with the latest technology for accessibility to search engines and handheld devices
  • Content professionally written for you to save time

If you'd like to discuss a website that makes sense for your company, give me a call at 978.921.2650 or send me an email.


Happy Spring!


Melanie Dukas


Melanie Dukas Communications