Changing Google search algorithm, HTML 5  

 htmlHTML 5 is Here!  

HTML 5 represents the next generation of web markup language. Although it's in the early stages of adoption, more and more websites are being developed with HTML 5. And for good reason. 


Benefits of HTML5

  • Improved search engine indexing of your site
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Faster download speeds
  • Advanced audio, video, animations & more 

Ready for HTML 5?

If you're planning a new website, be sure it's developed with the latest technology. A website built with HTML 5 will give your sites visitors a richer, more fulfilling experience and quicker download speeds. In addition, an HTML 5 site is forward compatible. Your new site will last longer and perform better.


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Melanie Dukas Communications  
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As you may know, my replaced hip was "recalled" and required surgery in June and again last month. I'd like to thank my clients and colleagues for their patience and support during this difficult time.

With my hip surgery behind me, I am finally back to work.
This month's newsletter brings news of changing search algorithms and HTML 5.

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Melanie Dukas 

primaryGoogle changes search algorithm to favor new content

In an effort to compete with more timely services like Facebook and Twitter, Google recently made a major change to its search algorithm. The new "freshness algorithm" was developed to favor new content over old content.


Although Google is constantly tweaking algorithms, this is the second major change to search algorithms this year. In February, Google made another major change to raise rankings for sites with high-quality content ahead of "content farms", which are poor quality sites with mindless articles packed with keywords to attract searches


Improving search results for your company

What does this mean for your company? There's no substitute for quality content. Providing your customers and prospects with fresh, well-written content not only meets their needs, it also raises your search results.


Give your customers what they want - clear, concise, timely information about your products and services.  


Times have changed. There's no excuse for poorly written, outdated content. Your site's visitors expect to find what they're looking for quickly and easily. And they expect it to be current. After all, isn't that the point of the Internet? 


Update your website with professionally-written content

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MDC Expands Capabilities

As MDC continues to grow, I am starting to work with other creative and technical professionals to supplement my capabilities. This month, I developed an ad with a graphic designer. Working with a designer allows me to offer more sophisticated designs for certain projects cost-effectively.


I plan to continue handling most web projects myself, incorporating the advanced capabilities of HTML 5 to offer increased interactivity and compatibility with mobile devices. If your web project requires specialized capabilities like search engine optimization, I also work with programmers and other web professionals


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