tips10 Tips for Turning Browsers into Buyers
Here are ten tips for increasing your website sales:
  1. Use a separate page for each product or service
  2. Focus on benefits, not features
  3. Use lots of sales-rich bullets and subheads
  4. Use short paragraphs and sentences to describe benefits
  5. Write persuasively, using emotion to make the sale
  6. Sprinkle testimonials throughout site for maximum impact
  7. Make your offer irresistible
  8. Give the reader proof of what you are saying
  9. Ask the reader to make a purchase at the end of each page
  10. Buying should be accomplished in two clicks or less
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Melanie Dukas Communications
Dear ,

As I was browsing the Internet recently looking for website ideas, I came across a site called Internet Word Magic. I started reading about a book called Turning Browsers into Buyers and before you know it, I was ordering the book.

I rarely buy things on the Web and never on a whim like this, but I had to have this book. This woman spoke to me and my needs as a website developer. I had to learn the "secrets of turning an Internet profit" and the "breakthrough Internet writing techniques" she promised to teach me.

This website turned me from a browser into a buyer. I thought if it worked on me, chances are, it will work for my clients. I read the book from cover to cover and offer 10 tips here for turning your website browsers into buyers along with persuasive online writing techniques.

So as you start 2011, think about ways to turn your website's browsers into buyers.

Happy New Year!


Melanie Dukas
writingOnline Persuasive Writing Techniques

According to Michelle Howe's book, Turning Browsers into Buyers, The basic techniques for writing sales copy for the web are:
  • Attention: First, grab the visitors attention with a compelling headline and/or graphic.
  • Problem: Clearly describe the problem to the reader from their view point. Empathize with the customer.
  • Solution: Introduce your product or service and clearly explain how it will solve their problem. Focus on benefits and show evidence like testimonials and statistics.
  • Action: What do you want them to do? Let them know and make it easy. If you want them to buy online, overcome objections like price, offer them a guarantee, and assure them that they can trust you.
Of course, there's a lot more to it than that, but if you are a good writer, you can incorporate these techniques into your writing for the web.

Or, if you prefer to hire a professional, give me a call at 978.921.2650 or send me an email for a free consultation. I'm always happy to help.
Turn your website visitors into buyers

The number one reason websites fail is poorly written content. Most people focus on design when developing a website, but more and more, it's all about the content. Well-written content grabs the attention of your readers and leads them through the buying process.

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If you'd like to learn how to turn your website browsers into buyers, you can buy Michelle's book and learn to write content yourself. Or you can let me do it for you.

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, I've learned how to write compelling copy in a variety of voices. Michelle's book confirmed many of my techniques and taught me a few new ones. I'll develop compelling search engine friendly content for you as part of the website development process.

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