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Getting to Know Quality People

Have you ever noticed that we often become our surroundings and start to base our life decisions on the decisions made by others whom we encounter every day?  I notice this the most when I travel and visit friends who are walking down a different path.  When I return to New York to visit my Wall Street friends, I remember what it was like to be climbing the corporate ladder and searching for the next promotion.  That was a great chapter in my life and I enjoyed it greatly at the time.  But now, things have changed, and as CEO of my own company, it is only I who stands on that ladder.  I can swing, I can jump, and I can certainly tumble.  

Realizing more now that most life decisions are completely my own, and also realizing that I still am affected by those I keep in my company, I ask myself, who do I want to keep as "colleagues" to influence and affect my life decisions?

As I do this, I think of people that I admire and inspire me.  I think of ones that are living their lives in a positive, fulfilling, and confident way.  Obviously I toss out any friends involved in drugs or other bad habits, but I also toss out ones who gossip, tell lies, or speak about others behind their back.  Do I want that negativity in my life if I get to choose?

One of the people I choose to keep is Tom Morley, now a friend, but he has always been one of my favorite YFF DVD Coveryoga teachers. I chose Tom to play the part of the Dad in Yoga for Families, having chosen him for his natural good looks and attractive personality (Studies show good-looking people are more likely to grab and keep our attention, per the September 2007 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology).

To read more about creating an inner circle,  click to my blog at:

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Getting to Know Quality People
As I mentioned, Tom is a pleasure to have in anyone's company, and it is with this great respect and admiration that I encourage you to take time out to attend his yoga retreat at the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora this April 4 to 9, 2009. It's a fully luxurious retreat at a great rate of $2,100. It includes:

- 5 nights in luxury Overwater Bungalow Suites (1080 sq ft)
- Complimentary daily breakfast
- Three complimentary dinners on site (including one Polynesian Show evening)
- Morning and afternoon yoga classes by Tom Morley
- Lagoon Discovery Tour (snorkeling, Ray feeding), including picnic on a private islet (Motu)
- Complimentary limo boat transfers to and from Bora Bora airport to the resort
- Complimentary non-alcoholic welcome beverage for each attendee at the Resort's arrival pavilion

More details can be found at:

Or by contacting Kahi Arnaud at the Four Seasons via:
phone: 3105578975 or email:


To learn more about Tom directly, you can check out my tribute to him in this informal movie.  It includes some great "behind the scenes" clips from 'Yoga for Families' during our shoot outside of Cancun, Mexico:
Ingrid Von Burg is a yoga teacher and owner of her own production/distribution company focusing on yoga dvd products, called Yoga To Have Fun. She has recently completed two products - Yoga for Families and Yoga for Grandparents that encourage people of the same family to work-out together. By allowing ourselves to focus and center, we are better able to communicate, and when we do that with our family, we receive the support and confidence from the people we love the most. YFG DVD CoverYFF DVD Cover