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See Your Name in Lights!

Have you ever ran into a television or film persona in real life and before realizing that you have seen them only on screen, wondered where you have met them before?  We often confuse tv or film personas with people we meet in real life, and we often feel very connected to them although we have never met them.
Over my short career on video, I have already had this happen to me, where people come up to me, recognizing me, and feeling like they know me, although we have never met before.  Because Yoga To Have Fun videos are a very accurate representative of who I am and what I believe in, I am happy to have them get to know me via film.  A video is worth more than a thousand words!
Then, last week when I included a request for video testimonials from viewers of the Yoga To Have Fun titles, I was most excited to see some of the people who had done my video in real life.  Chances were either that I hadn't seen them in a long time, or perhaps never knew them before.  I couldn't wait to use the technology of video to connect with some of my viewers in the reverse direction. I opened up my inbox each morning with anticipation of seeing a video link with some amazing yoga demonstrations.
Since I was requesting it from my audience, I thought I might as well give a homemade video a try myself.  I had someone hold the camera while I was in Rotterdam recently at a film festival, and performed a handstand against a Dutch windmill.  It was so much fun!  I loved documenting myself performing a favorite pose in a fun destination.  With some simple video tools, I quickly put the clip to music, and within 10 mins, my file was uploaded and available on YouTube.   Amazing!

To read more about the power of film, and to see my video clip from Rotterdam, click to my blog at:

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See Your Name in Lights!
Have you tried Yoga For Families?

Tell Us About It and see your name in lights (You Tube Lights, that is)!

I am excited to announce a Yoga For Families Video Contest! This is a chance for all of you to send in your video testimonials and feedback about the DVD, and win some cool prizes!

Here is how it will work:

    Record your video testimonial
    Upload it to YouTube ( by March 10, 2009
    Be sure to tag it as "Yoga To Have Fun"
    Send me the link
    My team and I will review the testimonials
    The winners will be announced in the March 20th edition of my newsletter. With your permission, I will add your testimonials to my website and DVD promotions. Yes, you may just become famous! ☺
    If you are selected as a winner, I'll send you one of my cool prizes, such as free yoga classes and free yoga dvds!

Testimonial Guidelines:
    To ensure optimal quality, please use a space with good lighting - outdoors works best
    Get in front of the camera yourself, or "interview" your kids!
    Testimonials should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes in lengths
    Please answer the following 3 questions:
1)    Introduce yourself: name(s), where you are from, any prior yoga experience
2)    Your experience with the DVD: was it fun? too easy? too hard? what was your favorite part?
3)    Would you recommend it to a friend? Any advice for families that want to try it?
Ingrid Von Burg is a yoga teacher and owner of her own production/distribution company focusing on yoga dvd products, called Yoga To Have Fun. She has recently completed two products - Yoga for Families and Yoga for Grandparents that encourage people of the same family to work-out together. By allowing ourselves to focus and center, we are better able to communicate, and when we do that with our family, we receive the support and confidence from the people we love the most. YFG DVD CoverYFF DVD Cover