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Calling All Photogenic Family Yogis
A Perfect Size 8 Makes You Even More Perfect
Calling All Photogenic Family Yogis
Have you tried Yoga For Families? Tell Us About It!

I am excited to announce a Yoga For Families Video Contest! This is a chance for all of you to send in your video testimonials and feedback about the DVD, and win some cool prizes!

Here is how it will work:

    Record your video testimonial
    Upload it to YouTube ( by March 10, 2009
    Be sure to tag it as "Yoga To Have Fun"
    Send me the link
    My team and I will review the testimonials
    The winners will be announced in the March 20th edition of my newsletter. With your permission, I will add your testimonials to my website and DVD promotions. Yes, you may just become famous! ☺
    If you are selected as a winner, I'll send you one of my cool prizes, such as free yoga classes and free yoga dvds!

Testimonial Guidelines:
    To ensure optimal quality, please use a space with good lighting - outdoors works best
    Get in front of the camera yourself, or "interview" your kids!
    Testimonials should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes in lengths
    Please answer the following 3 questions:
1)    Introduce yourself: name(s), where you are from, any prior yoga experience
2)    Your experience with the DVD: was it fun? too easy? too hard? what was your favorite part?
3)    Would you recommend it to a friend? Any advice for families that want to try it?
A Perfect Size 8 Makes You Even More Perfect

A Perfect Size 8.  My Mother's friend from her early days as a runway model is a women named Pat Hill.  Pat has spent her entire career being a fit model for large brands such as J. Crew, The Limited, and Newport News.  As a perfect size 8, she tells the designers if the pants are too short, the arm holes too low, or the bathing suits too skimpy.  With a fun and outstanding personality, being a fit model takes not only a great body, but a strong personality to work with challenging designers all over the world.YFF DVD Cover

It is over the past few years that Pat has developed a natural treatment for scars, bruises, and wrinkles.  I am very excited for her to be bringing this natural remedy to the market, and wanted you to know about her recent patent. 

contains the perfect blend of nature's finest, purest, best and even organic ingredients. This powerful natural combination formulated to help repair, restore and promote healthy skin renewal is gentle enough for even most tender skin. Using Plantain, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and more, it is a safe and effective remedy.

Click here to find out more about Pat and her latest patent:
Ingrid Von Burg is a yoga teacher and owner of her own production/distribution company focusing on yoga dvd products, called Yoga To Have Fun. She has recently completed two products - Yoga for Families and Yoga for Grandparents that encourage people of the same family to work-out together. By allowing ourselves to focus and center, we are better able to communicate, and when we do that with our family, we receive the support and confidence from the people we love the most. YFG DVD CoverYFF DVD Cover