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Is This Yoga Music?
Female Empowerment Through the Clothes We Wear
Yoga To Have Fun - In Russian!

A few weeks ago I met up with a mentor to put down on paper what I would like to see happen for me in 2009.  I was fortunate to have this meeting in Copenhagen, while attending the European Film Awards, and many role models around me.  At the "Oscar-like" event, Judi Dench won the Lifetime Achievement Award, and I was able to meet her after the ceremony.  She was centered, poised, and attentive.  As a representative of British film, she has done a fine job illustrating the gifts of an accomplished actress.  The Prince and Princess of Denmark were also there as our hosts. The couple looks amazing and full of health.
Needless to say, it was very fun weekend full of sketching out dreams for 2009, and truly looking where my intuition is guiding me.  As I flew back to LA on Sunday, I summarize my 2009 goals as being able to spread the joy and love of Yoga for Families globally.  It is with these ideas that I am moving forward in pitching the idea to global television stations and production houses for a potential childrens' series.  If only half of it comes true, I will be more than overly ecstatic. 
When I returned to LA, I had more than one friend who is looking to brainstorm their wishes for 2009, while keeping their goals and priorities in-line. One suggested technique, called a Vision Board, has come up a few times in recent discussions that I thought I would share with you.  Here, we take a sheet of paper or a large piece of oaktag, and start jotting down people, places, and things that we would like to include and/or accomplish. 

To read more on how to create a vision board and what I have on mine, click to my blog at:

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Is This Yoga Music?
For those of you who have taken my class, you already know that the type of yoga I teach and practice is usually done to loud, fun, hip hop, or pop music.  I am very proud of the fact that I have studied under the teaching of Steve Ross who is famous for his playlist of the latest Madonna or Beastie Boys hits.  This type of Vinyasa Flow may not be what the founders of yoga in India had in mind many centuries ago, but it's what keeps the local Los Angelanos coming back.  The practice is still as meditative, reflective, and most certainly physically challenging. 
I am often asked for my playlist, and so here I thought I would send a few tidbits.  Click on the titles for a sample of each song, if you would like:
For Kids:
1. "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid:  There is no better interpretation of Cobra pose than by acting like Mermaids diving into the sea.
2. "A Spoon Full of Sugar" from Mary Poppins: We pretend our hands are holding sugar out in front of us as we practice our balance moving into Dancer Pose.
3. "The Rainbow Connection" by Willie Nelson: With this song, the entire room becomes a group of Sleeping Yogis.
For Adults:
1. "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz:  Who doesn't love a little light love song during a challenging Chair Pose, allowing ourselves to swing our hips back and forth, just for fun?
2. "Where Is The Love?" by The Black Eyed Peas
Super fun and a yoga at tradition where I teach at Maha Yoga in Brentwood, CA. We entertain celebraties on a regular basis whereby Julia Ormond, and Don Cheadle have been known to flow in my class during this song.
3. "Swing Low" by Steve Ross: An amazing version of this classic that takes us from the dynamic to the cool-down phases of our practice.  Here it is performed by my teacher, owner of Maha, and former professional musician.  It's part of his album, Grace Is the Name of the Game.
Female Empowerment Through the Clothes We Wear
A very good friend of mine in LA, Tabby BiddleTabby Headshotand I shared a booth at the recent EcoGift Festival in Santa Monica this past December.  She sold her yoga clothing line and I sold my yoga dvds to holiday shoppers.  Tabby has her own organic clothing company, focusing on supporting and inspiring women to blossom into their incredible potential.  Not only do the t-shirts make you feel wonderful, with messages such as "Live Your Truth" and pictures of ancient goddesses, but they are either 100% organic cotton or natural bamboo, and feel incredibly delicious. 
Below is her Vision and Speciality for Lotus Blossom Style, and I invite you to try out her incredible yoga and post-yoga clothing. Or buy them as a luxurious gift for a friend, without the luxurious price!

We vision more and more women stepping on the path of personal transformation and wearing our clothing as a reminder of how strong, wise and powerful they are.

Lotus Blossom Style specializes in Goddess Tees to help women connect with the ancient wisdom, power and creative force of the Feminine.

Click here to find out more:
Yoga To Have Fun - In Russian!
Yoga in Bed Video Clip 
As some of you know, I have been focusing a good deal of my attention over the past few months on the international distribution of the DVDs.  In the U.S., I plan on holding onto the retail distribution rights for the moment, selling either through my website (,, or chosen yoga studios
The strategy for abroad is different though, since I find it much easier to use a distributor in different countries to help promote the DVDs, dependent on the market.  I attend regular film conferences to speak to distributors about including Yoga for Families and Yoga for Grandparents in their catalog.  In addition to pitching my own DVDs, I also act as the international sales agent for Yoga in Bed, which is a beginners' yoga practice from Edward Vilga, the most popular yoga instructor out of New York City.  Edward was interviewed on Live with Regis and Kelly, and the clip is just hilarious.  To see Kelly in bunny slippers and Edward demonstrating a few poses,  click here:
The latest news is that I have signed a deal this week to distribute both Yoga for Families and Yoga in Bed in Russia!  It was a goal of mine to convert the DVDs from the American format to the European, and with this deal, it has enabled the yoga content to truly become international.  I also had to format the script so that the voice-over can now be dubbed into Russian.  If you have friends living in Moscow, have them keep an eye out for these products in their neighborhood Tesco or Wal-Mart!
Ingrid Von Burg is a yoga teacher and owner of her own production and distribution company focusing on yoga dvd products, called Yoga To Have Fun. She has recently completed two products - Yoga for Families and Yoga for Grandparents that encourage people of the same family to work out together. By allowing ourselves to focus and center, we are better able to communicate, and when we do that with our family, we receive the support and confidence from the people we love the most. Click here to read more about Ingrid and Yoga To Have Fun.