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This weekend, the U.S. embraced Daylight Saving Time, moving our clocks behind one hour.  It's one of my favorite days of the year, giving us just an extra few minutes for some additional activity - maybe it's an hour of rest, or maybe it's an errand we couldn't have accomplished without the extra time.   This year I wanted to make sure I used it wisely, and it was in-line with my top priorities.  I interpreted it as a gift to myself, and thought about what type of gift I would value the most on a day like today.

This fall, many people are embracing change and not only with Daylight Savings.  Do you feel change happening in your life?  Are those changes in-line with your top priorities? Recently a friend enlightened me with an interesting technique to face life's changes and the decision-making process associated with it. For more on embracing change, check out my blog at:

Have a happy week!