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 We are going to try a new format of update - Less writing, more often.  I know most of you just don't have the time to read long updates and I'd love to pass on bits and pieces of life as we do it.  More of a FaceBook approach.  Most of you track with us on Facebook anyway, but we have SO MANY things to share, I'd love to get them to you in this format also.

God is doing a lot of amazing stuff.  In many ways, it feels like we are really beginning to hit our stride - figuring out more and more things about ministry and life in France.  Over the coming months, watch for notes from me about; Olivia and Lexi's baptism and their daddy baptizing them; our most recent 6 hour French Dinner; the official new Pastor's of ICCP (Lead Pastor Dominic Rivera and Executive Pastor Moi!); our French friends' daughter who has Leukemia whom you can be praying for; the Weddings that Pastor Rapp is performing; Children's Camp and ACF coming to France to help with camp!!; and many more amazing stories of Jesus working in people's lives here in Aix.
For today, I want to share a couple pics from this past weekend's Sunday Gathering.  We had the African Children's Choir ( with us this week.  They were amazing.  We packed 250 people into our church that holds 150.  Uh huh - crazy!!  We had a huge offering and a friend in our community generously offered to match the gift that ICCP gives to the Children's Choir!  Music speaks volumes to French people and draws many people into the building that would not enter otherwise.  It was a beautiful evening of connecting with people, blessing these kids, and them blessing all of us!  Until next time, this is the newly appointed, Executive Pastor Rapp, signing off.

Prayer Requests
Finances: Both ICCP and our family support are getting better.  Thank you for your generosity.  Please pray for continued partnership to carry on the work He is doing here.
Scheduling: that we would not be overwhelmed, but pass our lives through the grid of Christ on a daily basis and have Him show us what to do.
ICCP: Dom, myself, our elders and our church body are firming up ICCP's vision going forward. (Will share soon)  Please pray for God's guidance in this.
Our family: that God would help us to love each other and love those around us, the way that He loves us.

Our Team: that we would continue following Christ's example by serving each other and our community.
Our staff is currently reading Brennan Manning's, Signature of Jesus.  It's a challenging book about radical discipleship; following in the path of Christ, the Cross, The Signature of Jesus.   He came to serve, not to be served.  It's been fun interacting with some of you about the book.  Great to have you reading along with us.
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 Here is a link to our Furlough Video that our friend put together for us.  He did an amazing job.  Enjoy!

It may take a couple of minutes to download.  
African Children's Choir 
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Thank you for your steadfast prayers, love and support.
Grace and Peace,
Teal, Megan, Olivia and Lexi
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