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février 2010

Hello   - This coming Tuesday, the 9th of February at T Bar M there is an

Introduction to Christian Associates International.

Dudley Callison will be leading it.  He is the Director Of Operations for Christian Associates and is very involved at T Bar M.  It will be a short evening and I would love to get a large crew from Austin down there.  Please check out the invitation below.

(Also don't miss Story Time at the bottom of this email!!)

Intro to CA Flyer 

Please reply to me and let me know if you can make it. 
Both Dudley and Mike Dauphinee, Director of HR, are great guys and I know they will put on a terrific evening.  Also, Alan Hirsch (author of Forgotten Ways, ReJesus, Shaping of Things to Come) is part of Christian Associates and will be in Austin speaking at Verge this weekend, so it would not surprise me if he sticks around for this intro Tues night.
Wish I could join you.  Enjoy!!
Prayer Requests
Finances: Both ICCP and our family support are getting better.  Thank you for your generosity.  Please pray for continued partnership to carry on the work He is doing here.
Baptism: Pray that God would move and people would be baptised on March 14th.
Scheduling: that we would not be overwhelmed, but pass our lives through the grid of Christ on a daily basis and have Him show us what to do.
ICCP: Dom, myself, our elders and our church body are firming up ICCP's vision going forward. (Will share soon)  Please pray for God's guidance in this.
Our family: that God would help us to love each other and love those around us, the way that He loves us.

Our Team: that we would continue following Christ's example by serving each other and our community.
Our staff is currently reading Brennan Manning's, Signature of Jesus.  It's a challenging book about radical discipleship; following in the path of Christ, the Cross, The Signature of Jesus.   He came to serve, not to be served.  It's been fun interacting with some of you about the book.  Great to have you reading along with us.
Our email addresses
Teal L. Rapp
Our Address
Teal & Megan RAPP
La Sauvageonne
Route de L'Angesse n° 1661
13100 Le Tholonet
Check out our kickin' 2010 Camp Promo Video
and get involved!!
 Here is a link to our Furlough Video that our friend put together for us.  He did an amazing job.  Enjoy!

It may take a couple of minutes to download.  
Story Time... 
Board of Win's
We believe the best measurement of the effectiveness of what we are doing here are stories...  In addition to traditional numbers tracking, we share stories of life change every chance we get.  We do this each week at our staff meeting, we do this when we get together, we started our last staff retreat filling up the board to the left with 100+ stories of changed life, of people taking a step or 100 steps toward Christ; of God working in our community.  So enjoy, it's Story Time...
 The stories below represent French families, Australian families, German, Belgian, English, American, Chinese, Japanese, North African and many other nationalities.  We are the International Christian Community of Provence! 
  • Many, many people are processing their deeper questions about God in Alpha.
  • Teal is helping him process God's goodness in the midst of his daughters illness.
  • She came to have tea and brought her Muslim friends in full head dress.
  • She is Chinese and opened her heart during small group prayer time at church.
  • He came into contact with our community, connected with Dom and then came to church the next day. He now wants to meet to talk more about who God is.
  • He got interested in Community groups via Bill's FaceBook group and is going to start coming to a group on Monday nights.
  • Teal prayed several weeks ago that 5 people would want to be baptized, and they are coming, one by one.
  • An au pair shared that she has been a Christian her entire life (gone to Christian High School, Christian University, etc) and ICCP is the first place that she has felt accepted, welcomed without judgment, and clearly seen God moving. She feels changed by this community.
There are a hundred more on a regular basis and I look forward to sharing them with you...
Fun Stuff
What is Chili-Chilly Rentrée, you ask??  We are always looking for ways to connect with people.  And of course food always hits the spot.  We throw a huge Rentrée party in September every year and this year have decided to do the same in February.  We will have a huge bonfire, a chili cook-off (very non-French to the point of being kinda funny) and most importantly loads of great conversations.  Here are some of the ideas for the categories of Chili...
  • Some Like it Hot or "Chili-Chilly Ouch!!" - Hottest
  • Wild and Crazy Guys or "Chili-Chilly, huh??" - Most Unusual
  • The French Kiss or "Chili-Chilly Français" - Most Culturally Sensitive Chili...
  • We Are The Champions or "Chili-Chilly Mmmm..." - Best Overall
Thank You so much for your support!  We appreciate you partnering with us so generously through prayer, friendship and finances! 
Thank you for joining us in the kingdom work in Aix-en-Provence!
The Next Big Thing
FEB, Winter Ski Camp
17-20FEB, CA's President Rob Fairbanks stays with us
20FEB, Chili-Chilly Rentrée
14MAR, Baptism!!
MAR, Cevennes Castle Trip
MAR, General Assembly Meeting
APR, Easter Picnic, Sunrise Service and Hike
6-10JUL, Children's Summer Camp
AUG, CAI Staff Conference
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Thank you for your steadfast prayers, love and support.
Grace and Peace,
Teal, Megan, Olivia and Lexi
Teal & Megan Rapp
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