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décembre 2009

Board of Win'sChristmas Carol Concert

Megan and I are writing to ask for your help in meeting an important financial need for our ministry.
As we assess our annual support needs for 2010, we ask that you would
 prayerfully consider

partnering with us in God's work in France.

Thank you for your prayers for our Christmas Carol Service.  It went amazingly well.  A friend of ours, who has been coming to these for 20 years, said it was the best one yet!  Yea God! 
I had the privilege of welcoming a 1,000+ people into the cathédrale and then introducing The Père of the entire Aix Catholic church, in French.  You can click here to hear it.  One has to speak very slowly because of the echo in this massive cathédrale.
It was a beautiful service and at the end everyone sings silent night to candlelight. It's amazing!  Here are a few short video's and a panoramic pic of the service:
Prayer Requests
Finances: that both ICCP and our family support would get stronger. Both budgets need to be more healthy.
Scheduling: that we would not be overwhelmed, but pass our lives through the grid of Christ on a daily basis and have Him show us what to do.
ICCP's Vision:  Dom, myself and our elders are firming up ICCP's vision going forward. (Will share soon)  Please pray for God's guidance in this.
Our family: that God would help us to act toward each other with His love, compassion and obedience.

Our Team: that we would continue following Christ's example by serving each other and our community.
Our staff is currently reading Brennan Manning's, Signature of Jesus.  It's a challenging book about radical discipleship; following in the path of Christ, the Cross, The Signature of Jesus.   He came to serve, not to be served.  It's been fun interacting with some of you about the book.  Great to have you reading along with us.
Our email addresses
Teal L. Rapp
Our Address
Teal & Megan RAPP
La Sauvageonne
Route de L'Angesse n° 1661
13100 Le Tholonet
Furlough Video
 Here is a link to our Furlough Video that our friend put together for us.  He did an amazing job.  Enjoy!

It may take a couple of minutes to download.  
Hello  ,

We hope you are enjoying this Christmas season, celebrating the birth of Jesus and the truth that God is with us. Each year, our international church community at ICCP experiences significant change. Dozens of people leave Aix and move to various parts of the world, having been transformed by God during their time in Aix.


Megan and I are writing to ask for your help in meeting an important financial need for our ministry. It's coming up on two years since our last furlough and we are currently 15% short of our monthly budget needs. We need to turn this trend by late spring in order to stay out of financial jeopardy. We continue to see lives powerfully changed through ministry in Aix, and we are working hard to expand the impact of the kingdom of God in this city.  (Be sure and see Story Time below!)


Here's how you can help:


1. Prayer - We value your prayers. Many have experienced life change here in Aix, and we invite you to pray with us as God continues to work in the lives of people in Aix in powerful ways.


2. Financial support - Prayerfully consider partnering with us financially on a monthly basis or a one-time gift. 


You can easily give a tax-deductible gift through our Christian Associates account: 

You may also be able to make tax deductible gifts in UK Pounds or possibly in Euros.  You can give quickly online or by mail, following the instructions on the website listed above. 
Please note on any gifts:
 "Teal & Megan Rapp Project #41815"
Thank You so much for your support!  We appreciate you partnering with us so generously through prayer, friendship and finances!  Thank you for joining us in the kingdom work in Aix-en-Provence!
Story Time... 
Board of Win's
We believe the best measurement of the effectiveness of what we are doing here are stories...  In addition to traditional numbers tracking, we share stories of life change every chance we get.  We do this each week at our staff meeting, we do this when we get together, we started our last staff retreat filling up the board to the left with 100+ stories of changed life, of people taking a step or 100 steps toward Christ; of God working in our community.  So enjoy, it's Story Time...  
  • She is a French Christian and was ready to leave France, having given up on God's Kingdom coming to France. But since she has been involved in ICCP she has been challenged, and feels that God has called her to stay in France and bring Jesus to French people.
  • They took a few days to paint at Un Toile and this non Christian gal asked him to share about his faith. She described ICCP as "community"!
  • They gave cookies to all of their neighbors and invited them to have dinner at their house... And some of them actually agreed!  This DOES NOT happen here.
  • Their older French neighbor has been reading the Bible a lot - says he has been waiting his whole life for God to reveal Himself to him, and he realizes now that he just needs to take a leap of faith to experience God.
  • The French community group was awesome, lots of deep discussion of Scripture and prayer.
  • She is having a really hard time, but ICCP has been so good for her kids; watching them all plug in has given her hope that she can find community for herself now too.
  • Her French teacher held her after class to ask her about God and they talked for an hour.
  • Dom was asked to give part of the Thanksgiving Mass at the Cathédrale.
There are a hundred more on a regular basis and I look forward to sharing them with you...
The Next Big Thing
10JAN, City-wide Proetestant Joint Culte (service)
FEB, Winter Ski Camp
FEB, Cevennes Castle Trip
MAR, General Assembly Meeting
APR, Easter Picnic, Sunrise Service and Hike
MAY, ICCP Uganda Missions Trip
MAY, CA France Conference
6-10JUL, Children's Summer Camp
JUL, Youth Summer Camp
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Thank you for your steadfast prayers, love and support.
Grace and Peace,
Teal, Megan, Olivia and Lexi
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