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October 2009


 - Thank You so much for your support!  We appreciate you partnering with us so generously through prayer, friendship and finances!
Things are going well here in Aix. The church is really coming together as a community supporting one another and living life together. Very cool. I am proud of our team and our community.
Since most of you are on FaceBook and it is a very effective means of giving you real time information (updates and pictures) whenever you want it, I want to make sure we are friends on FaceBook.  If you are a FaceBookie or a Tweeter, please look for us.  Megan is on FaceBook and Twitter (look for Megan Rapp).  I am on FaceBook (Teal Rapp).
A friend of mine in Spain has a cool blog and interviewed me about how we went about starting our kids in French schools. You can see it here.
Our staff is currenntly reading Brennan Manning's, Signature of Jesus.  It's a challenging book about radical discipleship; following in the path of Christ, the Cross, The Signature of Jesus.   He came to serve, not to be served.
Prayer Requests
Our upcoming Cevennes Castle Retreat weekend: that connections with each other and with God would be forged and strengthened.
Olivia and Lexi: that they would continue to make friends and feel like they fit in here in France.
Megan and Teal: that Jesus would strengthen our marriage and protect us from harm.
Teal & Dominic: that God would guide us as we guide ICCP.
Our Team: that we would continue following Christ's example by serving each other and our community.
ICCP: that we would continue to grow as a shining example of God's grace and light in Aix-en-Provence.
Finances: that both ICCP and our family support would get stronger. Both budgets need to be more healthy.
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Furlough Video
 Here is a link to our Furlough Video that our friend put together for us.  He did an amazing job.  Enjoy!

It may take a couple of minutes to download.  
The Next Big Thing
16-18OCT, Cevennes Catle Trip
NOV, Thanksgiving Meal
06DEC, Christmas Carol Service
25DEC, Christmas Refugee Parties
FEB, Winter Ski Camp
FEB, General Assembly Meeting
FEB, Cevennes Castle Trip
APR, Easter Picnic, Sunrise Service and Hike
MAY, CA France Conference
JUL, Children's Summer Camp
JUL, Youth Summer Camp

Story Time 

Teal & Jones FamI was recently told, the best measurement of the effectiveness of what we are doing here are stories...  In addition to the measurements of Sunday and small group attendance, the best thing we can measure are stories of changed life, of people taking a step or 100 steps toward Christ; of God working in our community. So, it's Story Time...

  •  After leaving his religious boy's school 30 years ago, he said he would never go back to church.  He still hasn't been in a church building, but he is involved in our church community in many significant ways every week.
  • She hadn't been able to go into a church building in a long time because of being burned in the past by a church.  But when she forced herself to come into ICCP, the warmth, the people, the worship and God's message that evening gave her a renewed hope for church.
  • He's Muslim and just finished observing Ramadan, and he's considering which ICCP community group to join.  The 5 practices of each community group are welcoming, abiding, connecting, blessing and multiplying.
  • He's French and doesn't believe in the "fairytale" of Christianity, but he goes every week to the French Alpha Course.
  • He's struggling with a strong addiction and is inviting ICCP into his life to come along side him in his battle.
    There are a hundred more on a regular basis and I look forward to sharing them with you...
News from Lexi
Lexi's School 4Our friend, Elizabeth
Our friend, ElizabethOur friend, Elizabeth
Hi!  This is Lexi.  I am going to tell you about my new school.  I started 2 weeks ago at the little school near my house in Le Tholonet.  The pictures are me on my first day.  At first a few kids started looking at me, then more, then even more!!  They all were curious cuz I am an American and they haven't seen many little girl American's.  I think there are 100 kids, but it could be 200. I don't really know.  I like it so much and my new friends are really nice.  And they live near me!  My two favorites are Margaux and Assia.  Margaux is new at the school, too.  I get to eat lunch at the cantine, and I really like that part!  Even though some of the food is weird, and we have fish almost every Friday.  I try it anyway, and they always have bread and vegetables and yogurt for dessert.  One day they even had tarte aux pomme-yummmmm.  My mom gets me every Tuesday for lunch.  I get to go home and eat and play Go Fish and hang out.  Lunch is my best part of the day, but most of it is pretty good, really.  We have a nice courtyard, and grass everywhere.  I ride my bike with my dad on Friday's to school.  My school is pretty, and my mom says it reminds her of an American school.  I think that's good.  I never went to school in America, so I don't remember!  Also, my school is all in French.  All the time.  Bye-Bye!!
From Megan's Blog
 I'll give you a brief update of our comings and goings...

Olivia is super happy at school. Her social calendar is mind-boggling. After years of having just one or two girlfriends, though, this is a good thing. It's hard to believe
she's already in 7th grade, and will be 12 in 2 months. Wow! She is playing basketball at school, and also taking dance class. She starts choir in November, and is really looking forward to it :)
Alexandra started at a new school last week. It is the French public school in our village. She LOVES it! We are so thrilled. She has made several new friends and gets to eat in a real lunchroom (where they serve totally weird food like fish steak and strange mushy vegetables!) and she loves going through the line and picking all her stuff. In France, dessert for them is either fruit, yogurt or cheese. To Lexi this is totally normal. Sometimes I forget that she never had the U.S. lunchroom experience-chocolate milk, pizza, ice cream bars, etc. They have basically a four course meal each day, and teaching them how to eat properly is part of the educational experience. So far, she has tried everything they've offered. Her favorite so far was the Chicken Provencal and Basil Gnocchi. She is continuing her Hip-Hop class this year, and her sweet friend Sophie is in her class again, as well as a girl in her new class at school!

As for Teal and I, we survived the 347 hour drive to Portugal for our Annual Staff Conference. He says it was only 21 hours each way, but I don't believe him. We, along with the children, spent a night in Barcelona (love, love, love that city), then Madrid (ate at an American type food court thing that was awesome) and then drove into some podunk little town on the beach for our conference. I love podunk beach towns. Our time in Portugal was really good, and on the way home we drove through Biarritz, France. Beautiful little city-I'd LOVE to go back.

We are off to a busy Fall already. Both of us are back in French class, which is really good. I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of it, and this time, my class is fun. I have a great teacher and we laugh a lot. Totally different environment than the first year of classes!
We've had gobs of guests, which has been great! We had our Lativan friends just last week and our sweet friends, the Joneses will be with us in November for at least a few nights.
Thank you for your steadfast prayers, love and support.
Grace and Peace,
Teal, Megan, Olivia and Lexi
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