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FEB 2009
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Our emails addresses are:
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Here's the link to a blog we've been reading the last couple months... Stuff Christians Like 
Check it out.  The guy is hilarious! 


Hello,    - Well, it's been a big couple of weeks since my last update.  Last night we announced to our community of ICCP (The International Christian Community of Provence) that the Elders have asked my teammate, Dom and I to take on the leadership of ICCP.  You can always hear our services on the ICCP Podcast on iTunes, but here is the announcement:

After much thought, process and prayer and following the unexpected announcement and imminent departure of our present lead Pastor, we the Elders are excited to appoint Teal and Dom to take on the leadership of ICCP!  We are eager to see what will happen as they spread their wings and have even more opportunities to use the gifts God has given them in leadership.  We are putting a plan in place together with them that we hope will provide a great foundation of support and good points of evaluation in the next 10 months.   We will be seeking your input and thoughts on the transition of leadership as well as how to improve the work and witness of ICCP as we move into the future.  Please commit to praying for them as they prepare to step forward into this leadership role.  As with all major changes in ICCP leadership this new situation will need to be formalized by the church membership before the end of this calendar year.
I am encouraged and humbled to embrace the responsibility of this pastoral leadership partnership with Dom.  This calling has been confirmed and affirmed for us in a number of ways and I am so pleased that our eldership is in agreement.  We have been the Co-Team Leaders along with Darrin Jones for nearly a year now, but Darrin has remained the Lead Pastor of ICCP.  Dom and I along with the ICCP Council are defining roles now, but most likely it will break down something along the lines of me as the Executive Pastor and Dom as the Teaching Pastor.  I will be responsible for the Administration side, Dom will head the teaching side and we will share counseling duties along with our Team.
Will you please intercede on our behalf and ask the Lord to guide us and protect our community through this transition?  Please Pray for:
  • Guidance for Our Team, our Elders and our Community to make wise decisions as we move forward.
  • Guidance for Dom and I to know how to best care for and lead our Team and our Community.
  • Wisdom in our schedules.  Doing what we do here is massively time intensive!  Add on top of that normal life challenge and change and doing it all in a foreign language.  Add on top of that fund raising and stewarding our relationships with all of our friends and family that continue to support us faithfully through prayer and finances and it becomes quite challenging to keep up.

Please continue to pray for us and know that we Thank You and apprceiate you so much for supporting us so generously through prayer, friendship and finances!


Olivia's Big News
Hi guys it's Olivia !! After two and a half years at my great little school, I will be changing schools after the winter break ( two weeks off in February ). I'm  going to I.B.S. ( International Bilingual School of Provence ) . Most everyone in the school speaks English and French and there are a bunch of nice girls in my grade! The teachers are nice as well and in May and June , after we eat , we get to go swimming . As for my old school , I'm sad I'm leaving , but I.B.S. will be a good experience for me .
This week , I AM GOING ON MY 1ST YOUTH GROUP SKI TRIP WITH OUR CHURCH !!!!!!!!!!  I am SOOOOOO excited  .  I will be going to the French Alpes with all my friends , the three awesome youth pastors ( Adam , Tasha and Kerri ) and Stinky .

TTFN, OLIVIA !!!!!!! 

 Christmas Carol ServiceChristmas Carol Service
Here is a link to our Furlough Video that our friend put together for us.  He did an amazing job.  Enjoy!

It may take a couple of minutes to download. 

Thank you for your steadfast prayers, love and support.
Grace and Peace,
Teal, Megan, Olivia and Lexi
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