October/November 2008
Hi , this is Olivia !!!!  Here in France most schools ( including mine ) have a two week vacation called " LES VACANCES  DE TOUS-SAINTS".

On the first week-end of the vacation we go on a church retreat with about 50 people to a castle called "Le Solier" in the Cevennes region of France.

There is a museum that we go to every time about the wars of religion between the Huguenots and the Catholics . We also go on a really long hike up a very steep mountain to a huge cave where 600 Huguenots met for secret church.

Livi's News

Youth Group 
This is my first year in ICCP's youth group.  It is for college (jr. high) and lycee (high school). This week our youth group leaders are taking us to an amusement park, called OK Corral. French people like American Cowboys!!
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Lexi's News


hi this is Lexi , i'm in a hip-hop dance class . i made a new friend named Sophie. our teacher is the vice champion of the world in hip-hop. last week my teacher gave me a lot of tres biens . 

At the cevennes castle , me and my 2 best friends named Sophie and McGwire , found a lot of real crystals and soled them . we made 2 euros and 50 centimes

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Love,  Livi & Lexi Rapp
Aixtreme Life - Teal, Megan, Livi & Lexi Rapp
Aixtreme Life - Teal & Megan Rapp