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The Rapp Family in Aix-en-Provence, France
AUG 2008
Brought to you this month directly from Austin, TX,
Portland, Bend and Salem, OR!!
That's right!  It's been a blast connecting with all of you Austinites and we are looking forward to getting to Oregon next week.  See the calendar below for where we can hook up and then email me to schedule it!

Rapp Family
Praise and Prayer Requests
As Megan and I look over our 'to do' list, it would be easy to be overwhelmed by the number and significance of the items enumerated: Organizing camps in June and July; ICCP values review; Administrative council meeting; Team restructuring; Leadership development process; Preparing for CONNECT and furlough; Researching French schooling options for Livi and Lexi; Investing in many significant relationships; Finance & cashflow both for ICCP and for our family; Couples, men's and children's ministries; Ongoing cultural acquisition; Supporter contact; Fund raising; ICCP marketing; Strategic partnerships, etc are just a few of the many items which we are working on.

What we should be overwhelmed by, of course, is gratitude. Gratitude to the One who graciously invites us to be part of His work of redeeming the World and bringing life and hope, where there would otherwise only be death and despair.
As you look through some of our recent pictures, please join with us in the duplicity of praising God for the energizing fullness of life that these tasks bring to us and at the same time asking God to give us the energy to do these tasks. And pray that as a result, the needy peoples of France will be filled with new life too.
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Our emails addresses are:
  Teal L. Rapp
   Megan Rapp
Fun & Funny Stuff
Here's the link to a blog we've been reading the last couple months... Stuff Christians Like 
Check it out.  The guy is hilarious! 

The Next Big Thing

Please look through the schedule below and email us at with the days and times that are good for you to get together. 
Thanks and let's get together!! 
BBQ at Chez Tauras (Jimmy Tauras' House)
Come one, come all to swim, play and hang on Lake Austin.  We will pull everyone together at about 2:00 to share what God is doing in France and show you our cool video (this may take a couple minutes to download) to give you some flavor of our lives in France.
23 & 24AUG
We will be at every
Austin Christian Fellowship service. 
Get off the couch... get uncomfortable and come learn how to serve.
25 & 26AUG
We will be in Austin and if we haven't had a chance to connect with you yet, we'd love to.
Portland, Oregon  
27 & 28AUG
Bend, Oregon
28 & 29AUG
We'll get into Bend in the evening of the 28th.

Friday night, 29AUG at 7PM
We're going to have a get together.  Location TBD.
(Please RSVP)
Salem, Oregon
30 & 31AUG

BBQ at Chez Culver
(My sister and bro-in-law, Kelly and Brent Culver' House) 
1674 Pelican Ct., NW, Salem, OR 97304
30AUG from 2:00 till 10:00PM
Come and go as you would like.
(Please RSVP)
We will pull everyone into one conversation at about 3:00 and again at 7:00 to share what God is doing in France and show you our cool video.
Portland, Oregon
01 & 02SEP
We will be back in Portland!
Tuesday night, 02SEP at 7PM
We're going to have a get together.  Location TBD. (
Please RSVP)

Email us at and let's get together!!
Here is a link to our Furlough Video that our friend put together for us.  He did an amazing job.  Enjoy!

It may take a couple of minutes to download. 

Thank you for your steadfast prayers, love and support.
Grace and Peace,
Teal, Megan, Olivia and Lexi
Teal & Megan Rapp
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