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The Rapp Family in Aix-en-Provence, France MAY 2008
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Prayer Requests

Please pray with us this month.  We believe in the power of prayer and ask that you would take these requests before our loving God.
The week of 01JUN
Pray with us as we face some major decisions regarding our kids' schooling.  With finances very tight, we are considering other school options.  Also, we were just told that Olivia should actually be entering middle school next year instead of the French equivalent to 5th grade.  This is a big adjustment for us and for her.  Academically, she is ready, but she is still so young!  Pray for wisdom for us as we navigate this with her.
The week of 08JUN
Please pray for rest and rejuvenation as we enter one of our busiest times of the year.  Our summer camps are just around the corner, and all of us work non-stop in preparation for our biggest outreaches of the year!
The week of 15JUN
Please pray that God will open the hearts of parents and children in our area so that they will come to one of our camps this summer.  We anticipate being able to share with almost 60 kids during these two weeks.
The week of 22JUN
Please pray for God to cover our financial needs.  The dollar continues to drop, affecting all US based missionaries as the Euro gets more and more expensive.  It is a God-sized challenge for us.  Please pray not only for us, but for missionaries within our organization and other missions organizations here in Europe.

The week of 29JUN
Pray for us as we begin scheduling meetings for our furlough trip-that we would be able to effectively communicate what God is doing in France, and help people see the desparate need for Christ here.
[iccp] had it's first baby dedication last month. Two families
brought their
newborns up to be
dedicated in front of the church. It was a great moment for pausing and reaffirming with us parents what it means to grow a child in Christ.

Lexi's persistant rash was finally diagnosed as exzema, and she is fully recovered!

The girl's most recent report cards were very good, and their command of French is amazing.

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Here's the link to a blog we've been reading the last month or so...Stuff Christians Like 
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The Next Big Thing
9JUN                2008/2009 Strategic Planning
12-13JUN          Location Scouting for Women's
28JUN-4JUL      Youth Camp/Camp Prep
7-11JUL            Aixcalibur - Children's Camp
15-17JUL          Staff Retreat
27JUL-2AUG     CONNECT 2008
4-27AUG           Furlough - Austin
28AUG-11SEP  Furlough - Oregon
Girls in barcelona
We had the opportunity this month to meet Megan's parents in Barcelona for a few days!  It was a very restful time of sightseeing and being together as a family-just what we needed before we head into a crazy summer schedule.

Life in France

Lexi's Bulletin Scolaire

These are copies of the girls latest report cards or "Bulletin Scolaires" in French.  TB is Tres Bien and B is Bien.  They are both doing really well, and we are so proud of all they have learned!
(Click on the picture to go to a webpage where you can magnify it and make it full size.) 
Livi's Bulletin Scolaire 

Teal's Article for "Inside CA"

Last month Teal completed his final installment of Field Orientation.  Below is an article he was asked to write for Christian Associate's internal publication.

Field Orientation 2

Where can you enjoy 10 days of great teaching from gurus of education and church planting like Hud McWilliams and Shannon Deal; one-on-one time with Phil Graf, Al Dyck, Troy Cady, Jeanie Folbrecht, Andrew Perriman and many others; and drink liters and liters of tea and coffee all whilst consuming stroopwafels till you sweat syrup?? Well, if you use a little Star Wars vision, the inset picture tells it all - FO2.

On April 18th Adam & Tasha Hoover, Amy Swacina, David & Daphne Fisher, Karen Fritsch, Kerri Cole, Teal Rapp and Tim & Renata Constable completed Field Orientation 2 in Den Haag. Shannon Deal organized and led our time together and Hud opened every day with Soul Care, a rich time of contemplation and introspection. Alongside teaching times on Work, Family, Support and Team Issues and seminars on Spiritual Pathways, Storytelling and Church Planting, each person had the opportunity to present our fellow FO'ers with a Missional City Tour as well as our own Personal Stories.

On Sunday we had the opportunity to attend Crossroads The Hague, a great experience, led off by a wonderful time of worship with Scott Curley and Elizabeth Dyck and followed up with impactful teaching by Kevin Johnson. We were also able to squeeze in some great family-style get-togethers at the Dyck's, Perriman's, Folbrecht's and Johnson's.

The 10 days truly were a terrific blend of teaching, sharing, planning and playing in which we all were able to not only learn from The Masters, but also contribute to each other, giving each of us a greater sense of ownership and accomplishment. Hearing each person share the story of their city; the History and Culture of the city and country, the Challenge to and Opportunity for Mission in their project was very meaningful.

Sharing ideas, failures and successes with each other is so healthy; it helps us to remember we are all in this together and helps to keep the CA DNA flowing strongly amongst and between all of our projects. As noted in last month's Inside CA, France had their initial CAFrance Conference recently and for many of the same reasons those teams enjoyed the sharing of resources, we as an FO Team found it valuable to share with each other. This is something we hope to continue to challenge CA church planters with; You are not in this alone. Use the resources within CA - each other. Stay in community with your team, your church and your Christian Associates friends across Europe and the Globe. This benefits all of us and together we can have greater Kingdom impact.

Thank you for your steadfast prayers, love and support.
Grace and Peace,
Teal, Megan, Olivia and Lexi
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