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The Rapp Family in Aix-en-Provence, France MAR 2008
Livi, Lexi, McKenna, McGwire
Prayer Requests
Would you please take a few minutes to pray with us each day this week as we finish preparations for our CAFrance Conference?

Mon, 3rd: Please pray for direction in the final details of our preparations for the conference.

Tues, 4th: A meaningful and impactful week with friends and ministry partners from the States.

Wed, 5th: Please pray for God to prepare our hearts and minds to hear Him this weekend.

Thurs, 6th: For God to move in the hearts and health of members of our community He wants at the conference this weekend.

Friday, 7th: Safe travel for the teams coming to Aix for the Conference.

Sat, 8th: God to show us the direction He wants us to take to be the High Impact Church in France.

Sun, 9th: Rest after a long push the past few weeks and months.

Also, please pray we will continue to see God provide for us as we raise support to catch up to the rising Euro.
Please pray for healthy marriages on our team and healthy relationships within our team.
God has been so faithful to the work that we have put into building relationships in Aix.  We are developing ever-deepening relationships with both internationals and French locals and feel incredibly blessed by many of our relationships here.
We were able to take some time during the holidays to focus on fundraising and God blessed our efforts.  It's exciting for us to give all of you the opportunity to share in the work that Jesus is doing here.
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Fun & Funny Stuff

We are so grateful to all of you that make what we are doing here possible!  As a little reward I have decided to give you a glimpse into the chaos of my attempting to communicate in French - through the eyes of "Flight of the Conchords".  Click here for a good laugh.  If you can endure it, the funniest moment is at the end.

If you have not seen the incredible 360 panoramic views of the Cathedral during our Christmas Carol Service, check them out.  They're very cool.
Cathédrale Saint Sauveur 

The Candlelight Moment

The Next Big Thing
7-9MAR                CAFrance Conference 
15MAR                 Easter Family Picnic
15MAR                 Teal's 40th BD!!
23MAR                 Easter Services
24MAR                 Mont Sainte Victoire Family Hike
8-19APR               Teal at Field Orientation 2
1-6JUL                  Youth Summer Camp
7-11JUL                Children's Summer Camp
AUG (dates TBD)   Furlough in Austin and Oregon
Rapp's in a TreeTeaching the family some climbing basics because, hey, you never know when you will need to climb a tree...
CAFrance Conference
This coming weekend, March 7th, 8th and 9th, we are hosting a conference that will involve the three Christian Associates (CA) churches in France and two churches from the States, Austin Christian Fellowship, in Austin, TX and Threshold Church in Charlotte, NC.  We are meeting to pray, dream and plan for what God is doing in France, who He is using and how that involves our organizations.
We have five sessions including:
  • The history of the church in France and the special issues we face in sharing the Gospel here.
  • Directed alone time to listen to God.
  • Dream and Vision Session:  What is God doing?  Where is He working in France? How can we be a part of what He is doing?
  • How we can support and encourage each other in our different areas of ministry?
We firmly believe that through Strategic Relationships, we can have greater Kingdom impact.

Riadh's 40th Fête d'Anniversaire

My buddy, Riadh, turned 40 recently and so we threw him a Riadh's Partyrockin' party.  As always, it was a truly international evening with people from France, North Africa, the UK, Canada and America there.  Megan and our friend Hilary did an amazing job putting the party together and did all the food for 40 people.  There was a ton of live music, Moules Fritesand with Riadh being a Tunisian Muslim, of course we had beaucoup djembe's rocking throughout the night!  relationship is completely in French, but his eyes alone told the story that he was completely blown away by the love of all these strangers.  Cool, cool night.
Give Stress A Rest
Give Stress a RestWe are excited to have started our second home group and to be taking both groups through Austin Christian Fellowship's Give Stress a Rest Bible Study.  The study walks through a biblical perspective on how to deal with stress.  Anyone out there who has any stress in their lives??  Check out  One group meets on Wednesday night and another on Saturday night.  So far, it's been fantastic!  Yea God!

Our neighbors who live in the apartment directly below us are the officers for an organization called HandiLive.  The purpose of this association is to provide environments where mentally and physically handicapped people can enjoy a party together.  They do make-overs, have runway shows and speed dating.
Megan and I were recently invited to the first event.  It was great - complete with disco lights and every American hit from the 70's and 80's.  It's pretty funny, the French are quite fond of American hits from those decades.  We hear them all the time.
Overall, it was a good evening.  We met some cool people, had some strange finger food and really got to practice our French.

Life in France

  • Eggs are sold on the shelves - not in the refrigerated section...
  • Milk is also sold mostly on the shelves in 1 liter boxes that do not need to be refrigerated until open...
  • "Good bread" is the kind that goes stale in one day...
  • Mail is delivered in one's mailbox, but not sent. You have to find a post office or mail box in town...
  • Gas costs $8/gallon. We do have a car, but most of the time we walk.
  • Mileage is called Kilometerage and instead of using miles per gallon, they refer to Liters Per 100 Kilometers.  Our car averages about 8.1 liters per 100 km.  Anyone know what that would be in mpg?
Thank you for your steadfast prayers, love and support.
Grace and Peace,
Teal, Megan, Olivia and Lexi
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