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 Toasting Ourselves & Indulging In Retreat
With New York Times Best Selling Author Joan Anderson
Champagne Glass
 Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod, January 21-23, 2011


Anna Lighthouse
Going to the Light

After  the hectic months of November and December- a time when a woman orchestrates holiday events creating memories and traditions for family and friends, there must follow recovery time, self nourishment, and a pause in which a woman can regain her equilibrium so that her thoughts, intentions, and plans can begin to  gestate.

Anna Yoga
For Body and Soul 

 Such is the design of this weekend. The clarity of Winter calls a woman to go deeper-it is a time to be more internal than external-more feeling and less thinking-the perfect climate to design your second journey.

  • Learn to work with the changes that have been thrust upon you and deal with the crisis of feelings that result.
  • Come to understand your innate strengths.
  • Welcome transition.
  • Relish your new set of choices.
  • Discard what is outlived and embrace what is unlived.

 Being empowered is the result of such a weekend-that is the direction.


 "Under the frozen surface of our being we might experience a thaw and begin to melt into a new existence" Joan Anderson


Anna Bonfire

Saying Farewell to the Past



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Inn in Snow

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A Second Journey to Embrace Body & Soul
with Joan Anderson
Chatham Bars Inn
January 21-23, 2011

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