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September has been a very rewarding month.  Besides hosting successful events that have brought together area partners interested in the same alternative fuel, South Shore Clean Cities had the honor to be involved in the awarding of 13 THINK electric vehicles to 13 area towns.  We've grown to love our own THINK EV and we know the towns will utilize and educate citizens on the vehicles.  For more information on the project, please read the article below.  As always we are currently talking with many fleets about the ways they can decrease their own oil consumption and the numerous grants available to help them do it.  If you want to be part of the discussions, please don't hesitate to call me.  





Carl Lisek

South Shore Clean Cities awards 13 electric vehicles to local towns 

On September 21st South Shore Clean Cities was busy preparing 13 THINK EVs to be awarded to 13 Northern Indiana towns. South Shore was awarded a grant from the state of Indiana to distribute the vehicles, while the state received funding for the vehicles from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


The vehicles are 100% electric, and thus do not have a tailpipe emitting air pollution. The vehicles are powered by an advanced lithium ion battery that permits the vehicle to have a 100 miles driving distance in one charge and a top speed of 68 mph. According to THINK, the cars are 4 times more energy efficient and 75% more cost-effective than traditional gasoline vehicles.


The vehicles can be charged to 100% in eight hours when using 110v outlet. NIPSCO has plans to invest $1 million for electric vehicle infrastructure, which will greatly allow the towns to further expand the vehicles' use. NIPSCO is currently hoping to install 10 charging stations in Northern Indiana, as well as providing financial incentives for home charging stations.


The towns seemed very excited to receive their THINK vehicles and couldn't wait to begin using them. Schereville Town Manager Bob Volkmann stated, "We will use this vehicle in a number of departments so it has a lot of exposure."


THINK is hoping that the vehicles will catch on and will be an option for American families. THINK, which is a Norway company that was created in 1991, has a manufacturing plant in Elkhart, IN where the 13 vehicles were made using all renewable parts.  (Source: NWI)



Towns receiving THINKs:

Cedar Lake


Crown Point





Michigan City





South Bend


FREE Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure Workshop 
South Shore Clean Cities, NIPSCO, and the Indiana Office of Energy Development is hosting a FREE Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure Workshop on October 19th from 8:30am - 1:00pm at IBEW (7200 Mississippi St., Merrilville, IN 46410).  The event will feature presenations on the basics of Electric Vehicles, how to locate charging stations, new EVs and EV charging stations, as well as a variety of panelists. 

Although there is no fee for attending, registration is required.  For more information and to register, please contact Debbie Zorich at [email protected] or 219-644-3690. 


Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Grant 

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) grant will be available to government entities, businesses, school corporations, institutions of higher education, health care facilities and not-for-profit agencies in Indiana. This is a chance for Clean Cities Members to jump-start their projects. Contact South Shore Clean Cities TODAY!


View the Program Guidelines and Announcement 


Eligibility is as follows:

  • Applications are due 9/30/11
  • Application Minimum is $40,000
  • Application Maximum is $500,000
  • No match requirement
  • Projects must be completed by 1/31/12 (vehicles deployed in fleet)
  • Majority of project activities must be located in Indiana. Vehicles may be used outside of Indiana, but must be based in Indiana.
  • Vehicles must be owned and operated by applicant.
  • Vehicles must be on-road alternative fuel vehicles as defined by the EPA and the Energy Policy Act
  • Vehicles must be a part of a fleet of vehicles
  • All applicants must provide a letter of support from at least one of the Department of Energy recognized Indiana Clean Cities Organizations (Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition or South Shores Clean Cities) and an individual within the organization eligible to enter into contracts on behalf of the organization (i.e. CEO, president, town council president, general counsel, etc.).
  •  Fueling infrastructure for an alternative fuel must be currently operational or completed by June 30, 2012. If infrastructure is not currently operational, the applicant must provide details and assurances on the infrastructure completion. Assurances or contracts from all applicants on fueling location must also be included in the application if applicable. 
  • For all other medium duty and heavy duty alternative fueled and advanced technology vehicles: $200,000 per vehicle.
  • Vehicles that will be eligible under this area of interest are as follows
    • On-road Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Vehicles
    • Following types of vehicles using alternative fuels as recognized by Energy Policy Act, Electric, Hydrogen, Mixtures containing up to 85 percent methanol or denatured ethanol, Natural gas, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles, Electric Hybrid Vehicles and Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle. Duel Fuel Vehicles; includes natural gas combined with diesel or regular gasoline. Must run 50% of the time on alternative fuel.
  • Vehicle Incremental Cost Funding Limitations (not to exceed actual cost):
    • For neighborhood electric vehicles: $2,000 per vehicle
    • For light duty hybrid vehicles: $2,000 per vehicle
    • For light duty fuel cell vehicles: $500,000 per vehicle
    • For all other light duty alt fueled and advanced technology vehicles: $50,000 per vehicle
    • For medium/heavy duty electric vehicles, and/or medium/heavy duty hybrids/plug-in hybrids powered exclusively by alternative fuels: $200,000 per vehicle
    • For medium/heavy duty fuel cell vehicles: $200,000 per vehicle
    • For all other medium duty and heavy duty alternative fueled and advanced technology vehicles: $200,000 per vehicle.
    • For all light, medium, and heavy duty duel fuel vehicles: cost not to exceed $150,000 per vehicle
  • In addition to the cost requirements listed above applications must adhere to the following.
    • For new vehicle purchases, the grant money can be used for the cost differential between the alternative energy vehicle or an alternative energy component and its traditional counterparts.
    • For alternative fuel vehicle retrofits, grant money can be used to cover the cost differential between the selected alternative energy vehicles and its traditional counterparts.
Register Now for the Hybrid, Electric, and High Efficiency Truck Users Forum
The Hybrid, Electric, and High Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF) 2011 National Conference and Expo will be from October 10-13, 2011 at the Baltimore Convention Center.


The HTUF 2011 will feature an expanded 3-day agenda, over 60,000 sq. feet of exhibit space, the world's largest medium- and heavy- duty Ride and Drive and Convoy, networking events, and new product reveals.


For more information and to register Click Here . 

Buying a Plug-In Electric Vehicle? 

Electric Vehicle Charging
If you're part of the 21% of Americans that are considering an EV for your next vehicle, you'll want to check out the new Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Consumers. Inside this latest guide created by the U.S. Department of Energy, you'll not only find the basics of PEVs but you'll find a guide on how to pick the best PEV for you and your lifestyle.


The handbook also contains information on where best to install a home charging station in your garage, as well as how to find a public charging station in your area. 

View the guide and learn about PEVs here: PEV Guide

Traveling with a Plug-In Electric Vehicle 
Worried that you won't be able to travel as far or as much with a PEV? Do you fear that you won't be able to benefit from the closeness of Chicago if you own a PEV?  Fear no more. 

350Green LLC, a San Diego company, is the leader  a Chicago Area $8.9 million project to install 280 EV charging stations, that will include 73 fast charging stations that can charge your Nisssan Leaf in 30 minutes.  Coulomb Technologies will be providing 180 of the charging stations that will be installed throughout the Chicago area.

For more information: Chicago Tribune
Are You Ready for Some Football...Going Green? 
This year more NFL teams than ever will be playing in 'Green' stadiums: from the Washington Redskins installing 8,000 solar panels covering 850 parking spots and future plans to install 10 EV charging stations to the Philadelphia Eagles using biodiesel to generate power. 

For many people, fall means football and going green while supporting your favorite NFL, college, or high school team can be just as wearing your team's colors.  Below is a few tips on how you can go green!

Purdue1.) When heading out to the game save gas by driving as efficiently as possible.  Use cruise control, don't drive aggressively, and avoid unnecessary idling. For more tips check out

2.) Ask your favorite football team to travel in style: Green!  Speak to your local school board, principal, coach or write to your favorite team and ask them if the team can arrive in style by traveling on an alternative fuel or technology bus or whether the team can fly carbon neutral.

3.) Take public transportation to the game or carpool.  One of the best ways to help the environment is to use less resources.  Carpooling with a friend or taking public transportation, will not only save money, but it could also get you closer to the entrance. For public transportation to Solider Field Click Here or for Lucas Oil Stadium Click Here.

4.) Corn and sugar aren't just for making ethanol anymore, it's also being made into compostable cups, plates, and silverware.  When throwing your next tailgate party to support your favorite team, use compostable dinnerware, throw it in your own trash bag to keep in your car, and compost it in the back yard when you get home from the game.  To learn more about compostable dinnerware go to