South Shore Clean Cities Newsletter
October, 2010
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Indiana Biomass Energy Working Group
Topic: Biomass Energy Combustion Project Development

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
9:30 a.m. to Noon
Biomass Facilities Tour Starts at 1:30 p.m.

St. Mary of the Woods College
Sisters of Providence Center
Owens Hall- Riley Auditorium (Northeast Side of Campus)
One Sisters of Providence
Terre Haute, IN 47876
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From more information or to RSVP contact: 

Chad Martin, Renewable Energy Extension Specialist
[email protected]
Agricultural & Biological Engineering Building, Room 310

225 South University Street

West Lafayette, Indiana  47907-2093
Phone: (765) 496-3964    FAX: (765) 496-1115

Tweaks in Technology
Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.
Thursday, November 4, 2010
8 am-10 am central time
Purdue Technology Center
9800 Connecticut Drive Crown Point, Indiana 46307
Continental Breakfast will be served

Topic: Branding & Promoting Your Business

Join us Thursday, November 4 for this informational event featuring guest speakers Rick Gosser the V.P./Owner of Gosser Corporate Sales Inc. and Leanne Hoagland-Smith, Chief Results Officer of ADVANCED SYSTEMS. Learn about two of the most important things for any company's success; branding and promotion. Along with three ways to convert your marketing into more sales.

GCS was started in 2002 focusing on embroidery and evolved into screen printing in 2003 and digital printing in 2004. GCS is the only company in Crown Point, Indiana that creates all of their products in-house. Embroidery, screen printing, digital printing and a complete imprinted promotional advertising specialties company.

For over the last 10 years, ADVANCED SYSTEMS has worked with forward thinking leaders who want a new status quo for their organizations. From sales development to improving internal operations, all clients receive tailored solutions that deliver sustainable results.

While this informational event is free, registration for Complimentary Continental Breakfast is required. For more information please contact SSCC at (219)365-4289 or email: [email protected]. Download our registration form.

October's Clean Cities Technical Response Service Question of the Month
October's Question:What federal tax incentives are available for alternative fuels and advanced vehicles? What special provisions and additional information do I need to understand?

Answer: The Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC) Federal Incentives and Laws Web site ( includes a list of federal tax credits and exemptions related to alternative fuels and advanced vehicles. The short summaries on the Incentives and Laws Web site provide an overview of the available incentives. Each summary description also includes links to useful Web sites and/or points of contact for further information.


Incentives available through the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can sometimes be difficult to understand because of complex legal language. We have compiled information below to help you understand some of the details associated with federal tax incentives. NOTE: The Technical Response Service strongly recommends that, before you or one of your stakeholders make a tax related decision, contact a certified tax professional or the IRS directly. The toll-free IRS tax assistance phone number is 800-829-1040.


The Basics

Federal tax incentives related to alternative fuels and advanced vehicles currently come in the form of a credit or an exemption, defined as follows:

 Depending on the incentive, the credit or exemption can be taken against excise or income tax liability (amount owed), defined as follows:

If you have additional questions about federal tax incentives related to alternative fuels and advanced vehicles, please reference the IRS Web site (