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2012 Dates and Prices
Speak Dolphin Lately?
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2012 Dates and Prices
Start planning your next adventure today!
Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Safety in Mexico

Our 2011 season dates and prices are hot off the press, and will be posted on the website this Friday!

We have also lowered our bus capacities! While most Green Tortoise trips never fill up and travel with an average of 27 people, we have reduced the maximum number of riders on our popular adventures. All Green Tortoise trips will now carry 2- to 4 people less when booked to capacity, so hop aboard and stretch out on your next trip!

Start planning today! You can view our trip departures by date as well as by trip name.
Speak Dolphin Lately?
Discover an unexpected foreign language in Baja!
Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Baja Dolphins
Upcoming Baja Beach Daze Tours:
Fri, Nov 18 - Sun, Nov 27
(9 Day Baja Tour)
Fri, Dec 16 - Sat, Dec 31
(15 Day Christmas Baja Tour)
Sat, Jan 07 - Sun, Jan 22
(15 Day Gold Coast Loop)
Fri, Feb 17 - Sat, Mar 03
(15 Day Whale-Watching Special)
Fri, Mar 23 - Sun, Apr 01
(9 Day Baja Tour)
Fri, Apr 06 - Sun, Apr 15
(9 Day Baja Tour)
Book before October 7, 2011, and take 10% off all the trips above (excluding the 15-Day Christmas Baja)!

Did you know that dolphins communicate using a number of sounds that are made in two different ways?

Echolocation sounds are produced from under their blowholes and are heard as a clicking sound. This is thought to assist in finding prey. (They feed on fish, and use their blunt round teeth to grasp and aid in swallowing, not to chew.)

Communicative sounds stem from the larynx and includes whistles and squeals. Cute, no?

Studies reveal that dolphins may indeed have a language of their own and exhibit certain unique whistles only when in the presence of a particular dolphin. In other words, the individuals appear to have names! They also take turns vocalizing -- making their communication sound like a conversation.

Dolphin typically form groups called "pods" which may number from a few to 1,000. As they hunt or travel together, they are known for their playful antics and can be seen splashing, jumping, or surfing the bow wave of a boat. Dolphin sightings are quite an exciting event!

The Sea of Cortez contains 31 species of marine mammals (one-third of the world's whale and dolphin species), and is a popular location for kayakers, beach-goers and boaters to frequent for both dolphin sighting and whale watching.

You can try your skills at communicating with the dolphins on one of our upcoming Baja Adventures!
A World Apart ... and Safe!
Why the violence in Mexico has no effect on our trips
Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Safety in Mexico

The media coverage about the violence in Mexico may have you wondering if it is safe to travel in Mexico.

Baja is a world apart from the rest of Mexico. Separated from the mainland by the Sea of Cortez, Baja is very isolated from the rest of the states of Mexico and because of this isolation, it has retained its status as a peaceful region of desert beauty and tranquil charm.

Border towns have been the most effected by this crime and while we do pass briefly through Tijuana this area is the least effected of them all. In addition we take a short, highly traveled and very secure route directly from the border area to Ensenada. Many other tour groups rely on this road to get their passengers to cruise ship ports and resort areas making it extremely safe. Group travel is also inherently safer virtually everywhere in the world.

The remote and isolated nature of our private beach makes petty theft and security issues non existent. The safety of our travelers is the highest priority and we would not go if we didn't feel you would be safe and secure.

It's going to a be wonderful winter season and we hope to see you on the beach!
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