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This is the best thing ever. I'm so glad it's around.
-Caitlin, USA

This is a great way to meet awesome fellow travelers. I didn't expect the number of cool people I met. Thanks for that :)
-Ben, Netherlands

I loved my experience! It was just what I needed and I am thankful I signed up! When my friends and family ask how it went I tell them, "It was mind blowing! Epic! Life changing!" I have a better appreciation for my country now!
-Christina, USA
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Happy 35th Birthday Green Tortoise!

GT in the SandThis year Green Tortoise Adventure Travel celebrates 35 years of affordable adventures with extraordinary people! Our founding belief that beautiful places, good food, and travelers with an enthusiasm for life are the only essentials for rich travel experiences continues to make Green Tortoise the only trip of its kind.

So come celebrate with us! Every year, people from all over the world enjoy the beauty, excitement, and inspiration of our adventure bus tours. Even a weekend escape to Yosemite on the Green Tortoise is a vacation, and the longer adventures will become life-long memories. Make this the year to discover (or rediscover) the magic of a Green Tortoise adventure!

Winter Yosemite Adventures are back!

Yosemite National ParkAnd as beautiful than ever! Treat yourself to a weekend getaway and join us for a amazing winter adventure in Yosemite National Park.

You'll leave the city lights of San Francisco behind Friday evening for a relaxing overnight ride and the chance to make some new friends. We arrive in the grand dame of National Parks in time for a delicious Tortoise breakfast that could include bagels with all the trimmings and fresh fruit. You'll then then have two full days to explore this amazing winter wonderland, including Yosemite Valley and the park's famed Giant Sequoias.

Your ticket price includes the park fee, transportation, camping, and all meals. We'll have you back in time for work (or more play!) on Monday morning.
Yosemite National Park - 2 Day Winter Adventures
  • Fri, Feb 5 - Mon, Feb 8
  • Fri, Mar 5 - Mon, Mar 8
  • Fri, Apr 2 - Mon, Apr 5
2 Days: $141 plus $45 for food/parks.
Foodie on the Road ...

Mexico Tours and foodExperiencing the Baja Peninsula wouldn't be complete without trying the local cuisine: grilled beef, handmade treats, and fantastic seafood are some of the regional delights that await you! Here are a few of our favorites in the "budget" category:

Ensenada - On Calle Primera, try the stuffed churros -- sweet, fried, and filled with your choice of fruit, chocolate or caramel. Yum!

Loreto - Order the "molcajete" at the Super Burro and treat yourself to steak, nopales, avocado, and cheese -- it's enough for two!

La Paz - Drop by Baja Kettle corn on the Malecon at Ave Alvarado Obregon for some salty sweet goodness. In the mood for seafood? Stroll down to Dos Mares, where the shrimp cocktails are as big as your head!

Until the next time: Buen Provencho!

Done with the Downpour?

Then put away that umbrella and join us on a Death Valley National Park Adventure!

Home to extremes such as the lowest point, driest weather, and the hottest temperatures in North America, Death Valley is nonetheless astonishingly full of life. You'll stand in the lowest point in North America -- 282 feet (86 meters) below sea level -- while the surrounding mountains tower more than 11,000 feet (3,350 meters) above you! You'll explore other exotic landscapes including a volcanic crater and the marble narrows of Mosaic Canyon.

So shake off the rain and experience these attractions, plus sand dunes and hot springs! Your ticket price includes the park fee, transportation, camping, all meals, and the company of like-minded adventurers. We'll have you back in San Francisco in time for breakfast on Tuesday morning.

Death Valley National Park - 3 Day Adventure
  • Fri, Feb 12- Tue, Feb 16
  • Fri, Mar 12 - Tue, Mar 16
  • Fri, Mar 26 - Tue, Mar 30
3 days/4 nights: $195 plus $59 for food/parks.
Ask Sunny!
Commonly Asked Questions, Travel Tips & Advice

Advice Columinist and  Adventure Tortoise, Sammy!
Dear Sunny,

I was wondering what your drivers do when they are not driving trips? Is this a seasonal position? Of all the drivers I have met during my travels, I have yet to meet a GT driver I didn't like!

Just curious and hope to drive a Green Tortoise bus someday.


Hi Aaron,

Since the bulk of our trips happen in the summer, most of our drivers are seasonal, and join us when the days are longer and the weather is warmer in North America. The rest of the year, they're out there making the world a better place. But don't take my word for it, take a look at this excerpt written by one of the folks who make us who we are....

For the past two years I've been driving a school bus in my hometown. The big yellow bus is not quite the same as the Green one, for sure, but both hold joys and surprises.

On the Yellow bus, the passengers are more likely to cry, occasionally hit each other, and tattle. They are also likely to help with homework and comfort each other. Like a tiny short-lived neighborhood under a noisy steel roof some days, a community built over daily brief trips and fragments of conversation. On the Green bus, community is built during long uninterrupted hours of conversation and shared activities.

I like driving buses, negotiating tight turns, correctly anticipating other driver's crazy moves, eavesdropping on eye-popping conversations. I look forward to more years of both Yellow and Green bus trips. And, if I'm behind the wheel of your trip next summer, please forgive me if I remind you to tie your shoes or tell you to keep out of the aisle; I feel these phrases are becoming atavistic to me, and might slip out of their own volition even if you are taller than me.

See you on the road!
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