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"Thanks to all my fellow passengers, and the drivers, for making the trip so much fun. It was great meeting people from so many different countries, as well as the U.S. I had a fabulous time!!!"
-Mary, Germany
"Thank you so much. This trip stay in my memories forever...It' s been one of the best experiences in my life!"
-Jenny, USA
"We came back one day early from the canyon to spend in El furte and it was one of the best days we had on the trip. Cool little town that should be seen in the daytime."
-Mark, Australia

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Green Tortoise Adventure Bus Tours - Grand CanyonFancy yourself a photographer? Do you have amazing pictures that you would like to share with the world? Now's your chance!

We are looking for quality pictures from Green Tortoise travelers, like you, to showcase in our catalog and on our website. Show off your photography skills for a chance to win credit towards a free trip!

There are four categories for consideration: landscape, people, mealtime, and our buses. Mail your pictures (minimum resolution 300 dpi) on a CD to:

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The deadline is Jan 15, 2010. Winners will be announced in the spring issue of the Crawler Chronicle. Get snapping!
Life's a Beach ... in Baja!

Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Baja beachWhile most of my friends are storing their summer wardrobe under the bed, I am packing bikinis, tank tops, and shorts into my luggage. I'm getting out of the cold and following the summer south ... you'll find me on the beaches of Mexico -- specifically Baja!

My favorite way to rejuvenate my spirit and cure the winter blahs? Fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking in the warm water, hiking up to panoramic ocean views in my shorts and laying about in the shade. These activities not only rejuvenate, but wash away the stresses of everyday life. It's easy to get used to the relaxed pace in Mexico -- and easy to fall in love with life on the beach. I hope you join me at our magical beach camp -- it's a world away!

Shaunna "The Wanderer"
Spanish 101

Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Baja beachSince winter is Baja season for us at the Tortoise, here are some helpful travel phrases in Spanish to get you started:

I am hungry: Tengo hambre
We are hungry: Tenemos hambre
I am thirsty: Tengo sed
We are thirsty:
Tenemos sed
Do you know a good restaurant?: ¿Connoce un buen restaurante?
Where is a cafeteria, please?: ¿Dónde hay una cafeteria?
Mexican Holiday Traditions

Green Tortoise Adventure Bus Tours - Baja BeachImmerse yourself in Mexican culture by trying one of their traditions over the holidays....

Eat twelve grapes at midnight on the 31st of December. While eating, people make a wish for the coming New Year.

Mexicans search for luck in various innovative ways. If you want to have good luck in love in the New Year, wear red underwear. If you are searching for good luck with money, wear yellow underwear.

If you think of traveling in the New Year, Mexicans normally take their luggage outside of their house and go for a walk at midnight.
Ask Sunny!
Commonly Asked Questions, Travel Tips & Advice

Advice Columinist and  Adventure Tortoise, Sammy!
Dear Sunny,

I am getting ready to travel to mexico - what is the current exchange rate?
~Sally, USA

$1 USD = $13 pesos

Please take a look at this link for other currency calculations:
~Sunny, GT
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