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"It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip. The drivers helped set the tone so it was both casual and organized which is not  easy to achieve.
All of the meals were fantastic and there was always more than enough and far exceeded my expectations."
-Sian, UK
"I had a thoroughly great time and made some super friends. Being the only person from "down-under" was not a disadvantage as everyone made me feel welcome. The variety of ages of people on this trip surprisingly worked well. Thank you ... Green Tortoise." 
-Felicity, Australia
"Thank you so much. This trip will stay in my memories forever ... It's been one of the best experiences in my life!"

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You're Invited!
Baja Adventure is waiting for you

Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Baja, MexicoJoin us for an evening of photos, stories, and wine centered around one of our favorite places in the world: Baja California, Mexico!

If your interested in the Gold Coast Loop or one of our Baja Beach Daze excursions, stop by for an informative evening where we'll describe these amazing adventures in detail. Learn about our private beach camp, kayaking, Baja culture, whale watching, and much more!

When: October 27, 2009, at 7pm
Where: Green Tortoise Guesthouse Ballroom (Map)
Phone: 415.956.7500 ext 2

Please RSVP to the travel office and let us know you'll be joining us. See you there!

Newsletter Special! Take 10% off of any Gold Coast Loop fare booked within the next week. Please mention that you are a newsletter recipient.

Southern Dreamin'
Riding with Ryn
Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - ZionHow do you envision your ideal vacation? A hot afternoon at a crowded theme park? An expensive cruise that makes you seasick with mediocre food? Or is it a journey that enhances your life, washing away the stress of the modern world while allowing you to relax and be yourself?

I had the opportunity to ride on the last Cross-Country USA Southern Dream of the season last month. I was inspired at each destination, each of which became more amazing as the trip went on! It's the perfect blend of the USA's most flavor-rich cities and beautiful national parks. In New Orleans I saw a shop devoted solely to vampires; I bet on a turtle race in Austin; and I marveled as 400,000 Brazilian freetail bats took flight from Carlsbad Caverns. I'll never forget the death-defying hike to Angel's Landing in Zion, or quietly eating scrumptious pesto pasta dinner at the top of a cliff at Goosenecks State Park.

Even more memorable were the people on the trip. We celebrated a few birthdays, debated whether raisins ruin cookies (they do!) around a campfire, and impressed each other with our sandwich-making skills with every lunch. Perhaps my favorite moment of all was fashioning a tinfoil helmet just before driving through Roswell, New Mexico!

At the end of the trip I found myself wondering, How is it that my Green Tortoise adventures become more magical each time? Is it the years of on-the-road experience and secret spots passed on from driver to driver? The carefully-planned gourmet meals? I dunno. But I always cherish my memories; the fun and crazy moments that make the Green Tortoise so unique and special. I already can't wait to get back on the bus!
Top 10 Reasons to Ride the Tortoise
Drumroll, please ...

Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - sunset10. Experience one-of-a-kind sleeper coaches

9. Build International relations

8. Charming Drivers!

7. You have been wanting to do this for years

6. Add amazing pictures to your photo collection

5. Delightful and satisfying gourmet meals

4. Secret spots that only the Tortoise knows about

3. Reinvent yourself

2. Sleep under the stars

1. Affordable adventures with extraordinary people!

Have your own Green Tortoise top ten? We'd love to hear it. Please contact us and share!

The Driver's Side,
Submitted by Driver Sean Sullivan
Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Baja beachSearching for the spirit of the Wild West? Look no further than Baja: a Green Tortoise Baja trip is like stepping into a time machine and emerging in a Clint Eastwood movie!

On day one you already find yourself in an unfamiliar land where the desert meets the coast. Don't miss the Pescadero in Ensenada for some fresh fish tacos, then explore the town! Freshen up with a steam bath before the adventure really gets rolling.  

The journey includes small towns of this parched desert land, where local street vendors selling fresh food and snacks will give you a sampling of local countryside flavor. Don't miss the old church in the town square, and the crooked colorful streets -- the hallmark of any traditional Baja town!

Green Tortoise Adventure Bus tours - Baja beachIt's time to relax when we arrive at our private beach camp ... if you can convince yourself to after you hear of all great activities! Check out tidal hot springs, take a donkey ride through the countryside, hike a slot canyon, snorkel, sea kayak, or just watch the wildlife swim and fly by while sunning away your tan lines at a clothing-optional beach (for those naturalist in the bunch).

So much to do, so little time. And soooo much good food! Meals range from our famously delicious vegetarian fare to fresh fish caught in the Sea of Cortez, located right outside the front door of your tent. You will be full and happy the whole time.

So sign up for an adventure today! The journey of a lifetime awaits you in the Baja Sur, Mexico. Gain a new perspective with new friends; feeling fresh and inspired, you'll return home wondering which trip to choose for your next Green Tortoise adventure!

The Green Tortoise Guesthouse
Your Home Away from Home

Green Tortoise Adventure Bus Tours - Hostels
The Green Tortoise Guesthouse is San Francisco's favorite hostel for a reason: it's a full service, fully accommodating, fun, comfortable, and welcoming hostel. People who love to travel run our hostel, and our knowledgeable staff will always take the time to help you with your holiday to ensure that it is the best that it can be!

Our hostel is the best value for your euro, dollar, or peso. Join us for a free dinner in our ballroom, then stick around and represent your country for "Beer Olympics." Or get out with the group and go on one of our pub crawls. Whatever you do, when you stay with us, you feel like a part of our family.

Make a reservation today!

Ask Sunny!
Commonly Asked Questions, Travel Tips & Advice

Advice Columinist and  Adventure Tortoise, Sammy!
Dear Sunny,
Do I need a passport to go to Baja?
~Jim, USA

As of June 1, 2009, all American citizens will need a passport to travel anywhere within Mexico. Be sure to check with the passport office in your area. All citizens outside the US should check with their appropriate government office to see what the requirements are for travel within Mexico.
~Sunny, GT
Got a question for Sunny? Contact us today!

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